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Stay Patient with the Arena Normalization

Stay patient and don’t get discouraged while people’s freshly boosted teams are moving up or down in trophy’s. Even I am getting run over by super boosted teams although got lucky on one as RNG was in my favor.

Just keep playing and find your new trophy range with your teams over the next couple weeks, things should get back to the 50/50 win loss again as they had in my range prior to today.

As of tonight, I held my own. I started at 4000 trophy’s fell to the Ruins and ended at 4002 back up in Lockwood and holding till tomorrow to use on the daily mission for if I have to get a daily incubator. I want my daily kitty and shot of boosts.


I agree. The next few weeks will be frustrating for some.

Over the past two weeks I was knocked down from 4400 trophies to 3650 by over boosted teams until today. I was able to over boost my team and climbing back up. My team leveled much of the competition but I’m sure when I reach Lockwood my team will face tougher competition. As you said, the arena s will level off. I hope others can see that.

Agreed. Arena will be rough for a long while.

At least although thor is still obnoxious in the 120 speed range, at least you actually have a chance to kill it now :smiley:

[sigh] I hate to be a “that’s nothin’!” person, but just wait until you face one with 160 speed and 2,600 damage. That’s a max of 7,300+, armor-piercing, with crit. Even with huge HP tanks + boosts, and slowing effects, Thor crushes them on the second hit with the added chance of stun. The key problem with the attack boost effect is that HP boosts don’t crit (thus, don’t compound, so they don’t stand a chance against a compounding attack boost. 5% boost with crit is a compounded 10.25% gain over the base dino. There’s just no defense for that except for Evasive/Cloak and Instant Distraction, which relies on RNG in the former, and is subject to 2 (or 2+) cooldown in the latter that’s nullified by the 1x cooldown on DSR and DSI. Attack boosts are the only boosts that are compounding (especially so with things like RTC and Cloak), so they have this shadow power that absolutely isn’t factored-in properly in the game’s “balance.”

0-3ing my team, even with an 8,626 HP Stegodeus that embarrasses me to have and even look at… it gets old. There are times that I haven’t even been able to get a hit in on a boosted Thor, even Thors 2 levels below mine (that I spent forever grinding for).