Staying at 4000+trophies Team Suggestion


Hello! I am currently around 4000-4100 trophies.
I just can’t seem to choose the best dinos to go for. I am trying to keep a balance between high average level and correct dino roles but I think I fail. For example Trystronix doesn’w work that good for me. Postimetrodon does pitiful damage and dies in 2-3 hits from anything anyway. Also I regret so much leveling Monostegotops instead of saving for Monomimus, when the Gallimimus DNA was nonexistent…What can I change considering what i have already? My goal is to stay above 4000 and if possible, push for 4250 rewards.
Note that I am working on Indoraptor but I can’t find enough velociraptors in my area. T-Rex-wise I am fine…


Your team is good enough, as long as your strategy is sound you should hit 4250… I have similar dinos at similar levels and I was 4300 pre tournament


Just before tournament I was at 4300something too, but of course when it began I had to face indoraptor and lvl 25 stegodeus most of the times. Too many loses . I guess they will move up eventually


Ive been winning still but yes it will help to let the herd thin a bit