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Stefan/Oliver "apology" (spoiler for new "date" and convo) READ THIS LUDIA!

Ludia! What was that? He doesn’t even acknowledge his wrong doing ignoring safe words and the fact he BITES YOU HARD ENOUGH TO BLEED!

Like thats physical pain and mental anguish. He lost trust soo bad and hes like “yeah work stress and tabloids are mean! My stocks dropped!”

Yeah that doesn’t even start to excuse assault! The dialogue choices were not harsh enough nor were we able to make him confront what he did! I need to sufficiently yell at him! This doesn’t fix it! Hes still a monster!

Its so weird we started off the week with super sweet, loving, romantic garret/rory and then end the week getting assaulted!


I can’t believe what I just read. No sincere apology, no acknowledgement over what he’s done, seemingly have no qualms over ignoring safe words in general with other people because the only thing he’s showing the tiniest remorse over was to treat MC like the previous lovers he’s had (so yeah probably multiple assaults in his past here), and no way for MC to actually be angry with him. He committed assault, an illegal act that we totally could haul his ass to the police with, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for him because he’s having some stress going on in his life…

In other stories MC is sometimes raging over the tiniest and silliest things, but we get assaulted and nothing!!???

The second I noticed that there was a “Bdsm” character I knew it would probably be bad, completely unresearched, and feature a faulty and horrible portrayal of the lifestyle. However, they managed to make it even worse than I could imagine.


I couldn’t agree more with you. With ignoring the save word he lost all of my MCs trust. And the fact that I couldn’t rage in the next conversation made me even more angry.

Safe words are there for a reason and if ignored it is mostly the end of story. Luckily the MC was able to free herself. What if she couldn’t? What would have come next? Sorry, but there is nothing that could safe this story now. A simple “I’m sorry” doesn’t resolve the situation. If you make a “BDSM” Story do your damn research Ludia.


I asked for my 210 gems back, from the Stefan date because making us pay to be assaulted isn’t ok. I read it before the trigger warning (as a survivor, I would have unmatched when I saw that…a bdsm character who endorses consent is what we thought we were getting…this was some BS that no one seems to want to take responsibility for) and shouldn’t have had to pay to get assaulted…,and now they want more gems to hear the reason for the assault?! Wtf?! Seems like $ > the mental health of their fans. Not ok. Ps. They are ignoring my request. Guess I paid to be triggered. Great customer service :rage:


I heartily agree. I wrote yesterday to complain about the assault scene in general, saying they crossed a very serious line and if they didn’t deal with the aftermath appropriately they were essentially endorsing that behaviour. Lo and behold, Stefan’s ‘apology’ didn’t address the issue at all. He ignored the safewords - that’s the issue - not that our character can’t handle BDSM - excellent bit of victim blaming there, Stefan. And by Stefan, I mean Ludia. Your MC pushes back harder on Sheng’s behaviour than an actual assault by your supposed love interest. There was no option to stay mad, to keep him on topic or to even address the actual thing he should be apologising for. You end up listening to his ridiculous woes and wait by the phone for his call like a dog. This is the behaviour that Ludia is supporting. By not addressing this in-game through the characters, Ludia is saying ‘this is romantic’ ‘this is something people want’ ‘assault is sexy and you should stick around when someone abuses you and deflects their apology and blames you for not being able to handle them’. I really liked Lovelink and have played all the stories on this game but I’ve deleted it now because this has made me so angry.


The more I think about this the more I realize there is no way to save the character. Its over. They super super messed up so bad. And not addressing the assault or him ignoring safe words makes it 1000 times worse.

I think they only way they will listen is if we all umatch him or at least never spend any gems on him.

But it has very much soured the rest of the game for me as well.

The thing with sheng surprised me because it wasn’t even bad. He made a couple bad comments that was it. I didnt want tonbe mad at him.

This guy? I want him to feel like dirt! Worse than dirt but I dont want this censored!


I think the only way they will listen is if we all join forces and give them bad reviews on play store.

If we spam one star and then warn people about the assault scene and how ludia is barely caring about it. They will be forced to change and address it.

These companies have to be hurt in the bank accounts.

Edit: I left a bad review.


I left one at the playstore and one at the apple app store… (though Apple rarely lets bad reviews get published sooo fingers crossed)

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Wow, my bad review at google playstore was just deleted. If you mess up Ludia, you should be able to handle the echo.


Interesting. I just posted one and noticed there were no reviews from the last few days. I thought there may be a delay, but maybe they are just deleting them all. Will check if mine stays up.

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Nevermind, did some digging, it is still there, but you really have to search for the newest post. And you probably didn’t find it because it was on the german playstore.

Wow my last post with real intel was erased by Ludia…wonder why?

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It’s pretty gross how that got wiped right under the table. I feel this story line was supposed to be “cute and romantic” bdsm like 50 shades. Messed up man needs mental help and is saved by OP. It missed the mark completely. In a rather disturbing way…

That’s probably the point. The writer wanted to make a 50 shades of grey story and based it on a book that gets BDSM dangerously wrong. People really think that this is what BDSM is all about. And they are sooo wrong.
No woman in her right mind would ever have another date with a guy who violated her trust. With all the other lovelink stories around, which are way better, you cannot be that desperate to crawl back to him. No stress etc. excuses his behaviour.

So they’ve changed the dialogue…and they’re really not getting it huh…

Still essentially blaming the victim, refusing to call a spade a spade, etc. Is it better than the old conversation…yeah. Is it still bad…hell yeah!

Just stay away from doing BDSM characters at this point Ludia. Or get someone that actually know what they’re talking about to write for you.

I appreciate that they are trying to fix it, but the damage is done and it ruined the story at least for me. Next time simply do your research.

And to close it, there is a good advice for writers actually. Write about what you know and don’t rely on second hand knowledge.

I think it still has the potential to be redeemed, but I don’t know anything about bdsm, nor am I a survivor. As a layperson, I’d like a heartfelt apology, the guy to do some serious soul searching (preferably in the form of therapy), and for him to do a whole lot to make it up to me, like another Lovelink match who was instructed to make me fall in love with him again after an issue less serious than this.

I know it is hard to understand for someone who isn’t into BDSM and I am not saying I am an expert, but I had my share of experience in that matter. So to make my point, why I think it is worrysome, a little bit clearer:

The significance of a safeword between two consenting adults is not only important but an unconditional obligation to stop immediately. The efficient and trusting handling of safewords is one of the absolutely necessary requirements for BDSM especially when you are tied up and have no other means to fight back.

Just put yourself in her shoes. You are tied up, you agreed on a safeword system, you trusted him to stop or slow down the second you use it. He is probably twice you weight and a lot stronger than you, but you put all your trust into him. And then you do use the, in that case, slowword (meaning yellow) and he doesn’t stop. You use it again and again and he doesn’t stop. Are you really sure he will stop the next time? He even put it into a contract, and he is a businessman who should know the importance of a contract, that he will stop and he didn’t.

So in my case… Game Over.

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I see how this is a problem for some people. As someone who has played multiple Boys Love games that would probably be considered extremely problematic by some, I guess I don’t feel that similar kind of….trigger? But thanks for the alternative viewpoint.