Stefan/Oliver shopping date

In the latest update from the Stefan/Oliver storyline, Stefan took my MC shopping for an event. He offered to buy MC an outfit, and I was given a choice between a black dress, a three piece suit, and a top with slacks and blazer. This was all text based rather than outfits I was shown visually.

I thought I was about to get a free gift for my avatar like the dress/suit gift given from Luciano. But then, I was asked to pay 210 gems for Stefan to buy the gift, or I could refuse for free.

I chose the free option. (A) I don’t even like Stefan and (B) I had no idea whether I would be paying 210 gems for some in-text reference to me wearing a dress, or if I would get a gift of yet unseen avatar dress.

I’m wondering if anyone else paid gems during this date. Did I miss the chance for an avatar outfit? If so, what does it actually look like?

I was up-to-date with all the storylines when they released the avatar/gift updates, which means the only gift I’ve been able to get was the Luciano one, so I’m not 100% sure I know how it works yet, if they are all always free, etc. I’ve missed all opportunities for other gifts, so I don’t have much basis for comparison. Hard to tell if this was an avatar gift or not.

Some are free, but definitely not all of them

I paid for the date, I don’t usually take issue with it, but in the end it wasn’t worth it because there was no “gift”. You don’t miss out on the dress. The “gift” that gets sent isn’t actually a gift. You have to pay additional gems for the bracelet. Hardly worth it atm. And I was more than a little peeved at having to pay additional gems.

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Yikes! Thank you for letting me know.

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