Stefoceratops’ Greater Stunning Strike has stunned 86/100 times


Stegoceratops’ Greater Stunning Strike is supposed to work 75 percent of the time, but it seemed to be working more often. So I’ve been keeping records, and in battles that I’ve fought, the move has stunned 86 out of the last 100 times. The majority of those are hits from opponents but some from me too. (I’ve removed Stegoceratops lineup lately and am having much more fun without it.)

Yes, RNG and all that, but it’s extremely unlikely that I have simply been unlucky. I will continue tracking it.

The Stunning Strike was running ahead of 1/3rd, but well within the realm of possibility. The Minimal was running right where it should. So I quit keeping records on those.


And then theres people on here sayin it stuns much less. Its rng man thats all it is

I just had a 5% stun kill my soul by stunning ne 2 times in a row but thats just the way it is… rng


A few hits, 10 hits, even 20 - that’s not enough data to determine anything. 100 samples is a lot more relevant.


If you flip a coin 100x and get heads 80 times you dont say there is a 80% chance of heads because it was still 50/50 every flip


Someone said the game may tweek the skill chances to give weaker opponents a chance.

It’s not impossible or wrong for Ludia to do that stuff.

I’m glad someone posted this in bug reports.


“Chance” is a probability and “statistics” are mathematics,


That’s not how probability works. 75% chance of stun does not mean 75 out of 100 times.

That’s why when you calculated it stunning 86 times you thought the % was higher. That is wrong.

It is 75% chance to stun EACH time you choose that action. Just like how if you flip a coin, EACH time is 50% chance of heads no matter how many times you flip it.

Hope that helps you understand it.


Bug reports are good. Player experience is all we have. Lovely if a dev follows up it’s much appreciated. Please don’t read on. :joy:

My brain must be stunned as I coded a simple 75% done 100 times as experienced by 10000 players. Clearly its raining on a Sunday. My 75% test is not the games code just to avoid confusion. I did not bot this. I’m legit.

1 player thought it was 58%.
1 as high as 91%,.
935 players thought it was 75%.
62 got this 85%.
Many other results I will spare you.

It’s true the code was trying for 75% a million times. My code I don’t have this games source. But that does not mean players are not allowed to suggest this games 75% needs looking at after living it. That would mean most of the game is forbidden being reported. Who gains from that.?


I’m 1/8 so far with greater stunning strike since yesterday. I’ll keep updating…but I’m having the opposite effect than the OP.


I am now 8/35. I’ve only been able to stun 8 times in the last 35 attempts with Greater Stunning Attack


Maybe you’ve been stunning a lot of dino’s with passive immunity .


Right now your is sample is 100. the larger your sample size becomes, the closer this number will be to 75% but may in fact never reach exactly 75.


No, slow works on the same dino…actually stunning impact works…but greater stunning strike is barely actually stunning. It’s about 50/50 when used against me, but RARELY works when I use it.


My 2 pence worth would be… try applying yourself this pedantically in other aspects of life and don’t worry about this pointless stat