Stego anything is OP


take thagomizers speed decrease off for balance. it already has good armor and nice attack stat. It’s only available during the day when most people are working and can’t collect dna. Stegodeus is insane. slowing and a big armor piercing attack? The only thing currently counters a high level stego is defense shattering fast hybrids which are expensive, rare, and slow to level up. Compare that to day players who can find stegos every where even the common is around lvl 20 by the time you get to the higher arenas. Either nerf stego or give night players a counter. It’s ridiculous as is.


Stegodeus takes an insane amount of Stegosaurus DNA to create and level up, so it should be a tough dino. If you nerf any Stego, everyone will start crying about raptors again.


Ok then give stegos a night spawn bc as is it’s a tank game and the best ones only spawn during the daytime. For fairness there needs to be balance between night and day players. I like stegos too but I rarely have a chance to go catch them. only on my off days from work and they spawn everywhere during the day so collecting the dna is easy you can get 1000 dna in less than an hour driving around during the day. That’s why people have lvl 20s but night exclusive players get wrecked by them bc there is no stegos and no decent counters at night. simple really either take away the ability to slow or give a counter to catch at night.


furthering my point Triceratops is also a day only spawn. Stegoceratops can change a battle with all it’s stuns and high HP. The best counters for them are obviously immune creatures with defense breaking attacks which also are hybrids and hard to level up. All I’m saying is there is an obvious imbalance between day and night players. Raptors have been nerfed by counters for day players and the balance has shifted far too much daytime favor. Fix it.


I’m all for Stegosaurus being around day and night. Triceratops too. That would be great. Stegoceratops spawns in the wild now and I’ve seen that out during the day and night.


It’s really not that easy to farm Stegodeus as you make it sound like. You need tons of Nodopatosaurus DNA which is quite hard to farm … sure, Apato and Nodo are spawning fine … but you often get 10 when fusing and it takes ages to level Stegodeus high enough.

You can easily counter StegoX by using this weeks buffed dinosaurs (most Tyrannos were buffed). They can break shields and they are immune to speed debuffs, because they are the slowest anyway.


Good point except Trex is also day exclusive lol… like I said it’s not the dinos that are imbalanced it’s the difference between night and day playing.


My point was just well made. Just battled a stegodeus and stegosaurus. dont know what else they had because I didn’t even get off a third dino thanks to stegoX its moveset that allows back to back heavy attacks with the ability to slow… Given my random team sucked bad. My four lowest dinos but it’s just crazy that they got 1 cooldown fo attacks that completely devestate and armor to prevent shutting them down… we need stegos on nights 100… it’s really bad fr


I’m not even crying about it lmao. These comments are to help improve the game and keep it fair for everyone. It’s obvious Stegos have become the new raptors and ludia needs to address it to keep the game from getting stale. I still win plenty of times and stay competitive. That’s why my feedback is helpful. I made my point clearly and your meme violates the forum rules for swearing. If we never said anything about imbalance there would be no diversity and everyone would have cookie cutter teams with no thought, no fun, and no skill.


I have seen triceratops at night


As like T-rex gen two spawns at night. The epic/rare spawns only in day. Just another example of the imbalance of day and night play. The fact raptors are night spawns used to balance out day players until people had enough time to level them to ridiculous levels. Now they added the counter-attack tanks that are based on day time commons. As well as adding decelerating attacks that made raptor teams balanced… sort of. I really like that they have different spawn times. I just think they need to refocus on the fact most people only have a specific time for free playing and should make a point to make sure that both night and day players have a decent chance to battle the OP dinos. Day players were given OP tanks for night raptors now night players need a counter for stegos deceleration and decent damage. At higher tiers you’re lucky to survive two attacks. Let alone 3 high damage and slowing attacks… It wipes teams without skill involved. You can’t one hit a stego… even with armor piercing they have high HP average damage and decent speed. they dont need superiority strike thagomizer already slows. It’s basically giving them two attacks for your one because you wont survive a third.


Seen plenty of trex gen 2 in day as well :man_shrugging: i have seen raptors in day as well.
Gorgo 1 hits anything when it crits even stegos if ya set him up and they bring one in


Hmm… I may give that a try. I’m aware of day spawns. Fact is you can find most night dinos during the daytime but try the opposite and you’ll see what I’m saying.


Oh i know i have never seen rex at night but have seen them during dusk hours. Its really the only one i havnt seen outside its normal hours


Gorgosuchus is a staple in my team for Rex and stego counters. Unfortunately, they aren’t immune to slow and can’t survive a third round. They are also one of the few you can grind at night and being two rares it’s slow going. Anytime I find myself fighting two stegos it’s a matter of luck only to win. Either avoid stuns from ceratops or critical. I love the diversity in battles and don’t expect to win all the time. What I’m really bummed about is the possibility of battles requiring the same dinos to win. That wouldn’t be much fun.



heavy breathing my indom just hit 17 :joy: while i have an almost 22 stegod and 21 stegocera. I need all the rexs


Actually complaining peoples are killing the game, Raptor, now Stego, who is next? Triceratops? This game is going worth on worth because Ludia concede to your wishes because you’re like baby, remember that is a PEGI 16


Rexes do have a possibility of spawning at night. Just like literally any dinosaur has a chance of spawning at any time anywhere, but since rexy spawns on restaraunts it’s higher than others. And while I think his post is a bit in the extreme I actually agree with the OP. During the day I need to collect postosuchus, stegosaurus, triceratops, apatosaurus, dilophosaurus, eoplecephalus, and t-Rex. Night time only has velociraptor, kaprosuchus and baryonyx. It’s definitely not an even bag for those of us who find it much easier to play at night. I do like finding 2-3 baryonyx a night though. My Tryostronix is gaining a level like every few days. In no time I’m gonna have him at 22 like the rest of my team.


Yeahhh if you could throw me some barys that would be nice :joy: i have seen 3 total in the wild in a month and one from a 8hr incubator