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Stego - Einea - Mono - Sino - Nasuto - Horrible!

Just horrible! This was the worst nerf of creatures I’ve ever seen.
8 friendly battles between my 2 accounts and not only did I not win ANY with this team, I had three 0-3 battles.
I tried some different things to see if I could get anywhere and do better but Stego, Einea, Mono, Sino and Nasuto are totally pathetic, no better than commons.

Give these guys some damage back and I might just pull off a win or two. I can see a re-balance come to these guys later. Maybe this was on purpose to get players to grow other creatures. It definitely worked. I barely see these guys in the mid arena’s now. I’m not unhappy about this in I am seeing more variety of other creatures.

So, Yea, get players away from these (what was staples) till 1.10/2.0 and then give them some damage back.

As far as my primary account, Stego and Einia have been replaced. Stego was my starter… Rat fodder or good enough to take out a bleeder… just useless now.

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Yeah, they definitely need some raw stats back, they are really pathetic, including Monostego, though to a lesser extent.

Anything with a swap-in armor piercing damage move should have pitiful damage. Period.


I’ve been using einesuchus to enhance bleed damage by swapping in after a lethal wound was applied. Keeps your bleeder alive to bleed the next dino. She’s now suchotator’s sidekick! But as a stand alone dino, yeah it’s not great.

Their damage is WAY too pitiful though, they were good dinos before, now they just die without doing much. Come on, an increase in stats is necessary, though not back to what was before.

If they decide to give Mono some damage back, I wouldn’t complain.
But I feel that he’s pretty well balanced, and I love the role change.
Mine still works very well.
If they keep his kit the same, and give him back the original damage… that’d be insanely broken.




you are officially off your rocker.

and you are obviously determined to make multi accounting against tos.

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I don’t think it should have the previous damage and HP back either, it would indeed be OP. But a slight buff to both HP and damage I think it’s necessary. I see they tried to balance it but in this case was an overnerf. Cratopsians could have better stats with the new build(which I find pretty interesting) without being a problem, now they are just too weak. I wouldn’t use any of them if I were in lower arenas.

Ceratopsions have all become backup. And they’re strong at that. But a team consisting of too many of them would certainly suck… Especially THAT team, which already has all the others as backup too.

I don’t know, I do miss my Monostego being able to tear apart teams all on its lonesome, but I’ve grown to love the new move set and stalling out Tryko is fun