Stego or trago?

Got both stego and trago in my team but is it necessery for both to be there?

I’d go with Stego over Trago

Got a level 19 stego and level 16 trago but i don’t realy want to take trago out vut doesn’t seem to do much at the moment but feel higher level could be useful

I have a L24 Stegoceratops, L24 Stegodeus (soon to be L25) and L20 Tragoditis - the first two are on my team the other is on the bench as I find battling with him mind numbingly tedious.

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Tragodist is a ‘staller’. Stegodeus is a ‘tank’. They perform different functions, so there’s room on a team for both of them.

I got 3 tanks i got monostego stegodeus and tragodistis but wasn’t sure if all was worth been in my team

Just felt trago didn’t offer mich as a low level

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If you don’t think it’s useful, then yeah try filling it’s slot with another. But I would say it’s fair enough to have 50/50 mix of Tanks/Sweepers (HP/Speed) in your team pool.

I originally went with Trago as an I-Rex counter, but even so it doesn’t really cut the mustard as much as Stego.

I don’t have the heart to sacrifice a legendary haha

Ha, I’ve got 2 common, 3 epic and 3 leg-ends in my team. Legendaries are overrated y’know!

The reason mine is level 20 is that I kept taking it out - putting it back in - taking it out … it does have its uses, I just don’t like it and there are more “fun” options on my bench. I have Monostego on the team too.

So next qurstoon is what to put in instead?

That depends upon what you want to achieve, your strategy and what else you’re running in your team.

Trago is powerful, esp when leveled up to match stegodeus.

My team and reserves and as for tact i wan’t a well balanced team to counter all or most situations

Need more of the euplo but don’t see it as often as before

Oh gosh you’re running a common velociraptor (why?) in that case I’d say you’ll need to keep Trago in so you can switch it out, however I’d say that your team needs to maintain it’s bulk not reduce it.

I would say your team pretty much picks itself; normally I would say put Stegoceratops in but you already have Paramoloch … could be worth leveling up your Allo … I would pick the one you have most doubts about and try some others in its slot - if you find one which feels right keep it in and level up if possible.

Running a common velo until i get a pyrittator then swap it out for a indo

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