Stego or trago?

I have been trying to claim an allosinosaurus or however you spell it but not many sinoceritops around my area

Ah - I have created L16 Allosinosaurus but now my highly rare Sinoceratops DNA goes into my L17 Utasinoraptor and ultimately its hybrid; so my Allosaurus is L16 with 43,529 DNA to spare … there are some pretty high level ones hanging around the arenas.

But if i can’t get any sino i will just have to upgrade my allo and make something else like spino i mean i got pyrittator on 180 and a megolasuchus on 170 before i unlock them what will that do for me?

Pyrritator has been a beast - mine is L20 and on the team; however I am now using its DNA for Magnapyritor so it is starting to get left behind and I can see it being benched at some point.

With Megalosuchus you have to decide between it or Gorgosuchus - I have never got on with Gorgo so am focussing on Megalosuchus - currently L18 but its not on the team as I think it needs to be seriously levelled to work well - there is another recent thread on this.

DOT is gaining popularity and may be improved even more when (if?) the ability to cleanse it with superiority strike is removed in the next update so you should look at a bleeder. Depends on what DNA you have around you - I have gone for Suchotator as it is also a nullifier.

Good call i have limited dna but can see a surge of karposuchus as its getting dark early i just don’t see much megalasaurus about and could do with a high level bleeder