Stego to strong


Ok so hear me out… a common Dino in which is able to cleans itself of all negative effects, slows down opponets with each move it has so it’s always the fastest Dino as well has a small amount of armor so it’s not a easy Dino to take down with out a Rex or defense shattering stike. Look it’s a good starter Dino, but when my epics are being whipped out by this Dino because
It’s always the fastest. Either take away the move that makes enemy 33% slower for 1 turn and make it just a normal strike or make it easier to stun or or even slow it don’t to where all Dino’s won’t be affected by it so much that makes it the fastest in the game with one hit. TO OP


If they are that good just evolve yourself a stronger one and then you have the perfect counter. Problem solved.

Personally I am delighted when my opponent fields a stegosaurus as all but one of my team can dispatch one without a problem.


I just wondered why both attacks have a slow effect, but it doesn’t have a stun, so that’s good, lol.

I’ve never actually fielded my stegosaurus… I’ve only just got him to 15, and using him as a DNA source for fusing. Much prefer my Stegoceratops for now.


What epic do you have? A lot of dinos can beat Stego. Einiasuchus, Stegoceraptos, Stegodous, Gorgosuchus, Nodopatosaurus easily beat Stegosaurus.


Postdimetrodon has immunity, ferocious strike (increased damage 50% for 3 turns), and an attack that bypasses armor, if he knocks out your other dino, pull him out.

Even an attack that gives Damage over Time is like getting an extra little hit in after your turn ends before he cleanses it.


Exactly, fact is a COMMON dino should not have such a powerful moveset


I would say that Stegosaurus is one of the more balanced dinosaurs.


What powerful moveset? It cleanses itself and slows you down… 1x damage every turn, 1.5x damage every 3rd turn… It’s a tank, but not an unbeatable tank. Even the easiest fused Rare’s can beat him with ease.

Ophiacodon, common with Immunity, and both attacks bypass armor.
Parasaurolophus, common with Superiority Strike and Impact and Run. Trade turns cleansing and slowing each other, he’ll go first slow you down, you cleanse and slow him down then go again, then he’ll cleanse and slow you down, then he’ll go again, back and forth.
Irritator Gen 2, common with Defense Shattering Strike (pierces his armor) and Ready to Crush that boosts the damage 50% for 3 turns.
Iguanadon, common with Superiority Strike as well, and Greater stunning Impact
Dimetrodon Gen 2, common with Immunity, and 2 attacks that bypass armor 1x and 2x
Gallimimus, common with Immunity, really fast, and Evasive Strike (50% chance to dodge) and impact & run.

Those are all the commons I have that might fare well against Stego, but there are some easy Rares that you can mix to counter him. Every category will have the top and bottom of the group. They can’t all be equal… but there are counters for each one.


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