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Stegocera, Monostego or Tuoramoloch?

Looking for a slower 'n stunner to focus on level up for my team and i’m undecided between these three: actually running a lv 22 monostego but i feel like redundant the fact that it nullifies with two moves (if only it could distract arrgh😤)
Stegocera on the other hand i feel like is bulkier than monostego with all the piercing moves running around due to +250 hp but it loses some speed and the 20%crit.
Tuora it seems too slow to level up due the incubator’s availability of stiggy…
Which so you think is the best of the three and why?
Feedback are greatly appreciated😄

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Tuora comes in dead last until it gets buffed (positive thinking!!!)

Stegocera is really solid. I can’t comment on that vs monostego.


Both stegocera and monostego are good, but probably the best choice here is stegocera due to fact that is easier to level up and saving mono is good since monomimus is one of the best candidate to get a unique.
I still prefer monostego though, i think its more consistent.


I would choose monostegotops as it wins way more battles for me than either of the other two . I sit between 4200 and 4500 trophies . And all three are level 20 . I only use monostegotops now .

Stego’s attack cooldowns are such that after you use up the slowing and both stunning moves, you’re left with just a basic 1x strike for 2 turns. Doesn’t get the job done sometimes with big tanks. With monostego, you always have a 1.5x attack available and with higher crit chances.

No, if you use in order: decelerating, stunning and nullifyng, after that you have two turns of strike also with monostego…

I’d sooner have a nullifying move to deal with critical damage moves , ferocious strike moves , evasive moves , dodge moves etc…

Monostego alllll the way! Unless you can do a madmax and get stego to level 30, mono wins even if it stun fails. Mono is a great all round dino, indo and irex counter and can even take down a stegodeous a few levels higher. However finding monolo can be a tough cookie. I live in its local zone and have 2k of him (hes been popping up alot recently) but i have no stega but i will in next 2 weeks lol

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That’s the point. Mono don’t seems to me as a huge upgrade to stegocera worth to invest all mono dna that can be eventually saved for a mimus unique in future. On paper is obviously a better dino, faster, 5%more armor and 20%crit (also 250 less hp however) expecially at higher lever with null that counters all the evasives and self-power up moves. But looking at the top 50 teams the number of monostego/stegocera is quite similar in favor of monostego. Right now sitting at the bottom of top 500 with 4k mono dna and lv22 monostego in team. Stegocera lv20, Tuora lv 22 benched. Really don’t know what to do🤣

I cant truly comment in turo but what I do know is that he is underwhelming and has a niche area. Mono is a good middle dino, that brings a team together. Facing more uniques than ever he has helped my team to be more effective. With 4k mono you could get him to level 24-25. But at the end any upgrade is a gamble

A buff on Tuora would be fantastic!!

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