Stegocera or monostego?

With the buff on stunning moves which do you think is better? expecially at high levels with all the indos running around?

I‘d say Monostego. It‘s attacks are heavier and she‘s able to nullify effects.
Also, with my Stegocera only one stunning move will work. The second time always fails.

GermanRaptor, I think what you are saying is an error in the application. I will comment on it in a separate message.

For stunning I think Stegocera more effective than mono stego…:thinking:

Mono by far, slow and nullify will take care of most Indos. Even if you stun w/ Stego, the damage sometimes will be dodged.

I wish my mono could kill indo. He always dies. Think they should buff mono’s speed to be a true indo killer? XD