I wonder what changes will be made. Low stunning strike will be replaced with? Was going to level, but should probably wait until the dust settles.

According to the release note, low stunning strike will be replaced by normal strike without stunning effect.

I wonder what has paramoloch become of?

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In Metahub the following is said when cataloging this creature as “winner” with the changes:

Stegoceratops + Sinoceratops : These are the same as the rare versions of them, they have their Stunning Impacts now buffed to Greater Stunning Impact , making them great stun-lockers.

If this is true, Stegoceratops will have two strokes with 75% stun

It kind of sounded like there would only be one greater stunning move so could it be that the 1.5 stunning impact might go away? I am in dire need of a second tank on my team and trago hasn’t been leveled although I could. Monosteg is stuck at 16 and my ankyntro well is ankyntro lol.

This is what I am hoping for :slightly_smiling_face:

I wondered about Paramoloch too, no mention of instant charge changing thankfully. Allisino would be mad about that.

Oddly enough … this seems like Buff to me.

The chance of stunning on impact more than doubled (33-> 75)

I keep looking for reasons to bench stegocera but these updates keep making it more and more worth while

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I might be able to get it up to a 23. I stock piled stego since the lack of apato.

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It has always been one of my favorite creatures and now I was starting to think about taking it out of my team but with this increase added to the nergo of Stegodeus (one of its usual rivals) I think it will remain in my team for a while and I will evolve it to 23 (I have all the evolutions on hold).

Maybe the new Miragaia could be decent, but no slowing or stunning moves? Hmmmm

Mine is still at L27.
Maybe is enough for me to survive in the Ruins or Marshes…

With this update are you guys thinking of fusing monosteg (if you don’t already have it)

or keepin stegocera as is and just keep evolving it ?

I dont know its a decent nerf to its damage output to… its low % stun was also 1.5 damage so its gonna be a more tanky version of para

I feel like im gonna miss that extra damage.

My L24 Stegoceratops has been on the bench since the change to DoT; can’t see that changing (will it end up with two GSS or just the one? My guess would be the latter). Ironically I switched Mono DNA from Monomimus to Monostegotops (on the team and currently L18 but nearly L19) - the update just reinforces this decision. Don’t know if I will keep Monomimus on the team - will have to play it post update.

EDIT: Ah - just re-read and it will have GSS and GSI (I think).

L19 Tryostronix is back on the team so I can get used to him again and thanks to the recent event Utasinoraptor L19 (will be L20 as soon as I have enough coins) is back too. Both receiving nice buffs.

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I wish I would have left the turkey in the freezer and used my mono towards the tank. Hind site is what it is …

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@PQC Yup! From the sounds of it, it looks like it will have both GSS & GSI

@Kodiakhunter1 haha you’re too funny! :joy: is someone really eager for thanksgiving next week? :slight_smile:
(I’m wondering the same thing about monomimus vs monosteg… i haven’t even made a monosteg yet! But I don’t think my stegod would be where it’s at right now if I had tho :man_shrugging:t4:)

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Low stunning strike gave out stuns so rarely, that it was already normal strike. LOL

It seems Ludia want to reduce RNG effects to make stun more reliable, I will consider reuse my stegocera agian.

What’s up?