Stegoceraptos su***


PLEASE work on the balance… Stegoceraptos isn’t there… Sometimes kills 3 Dinos in a row, without any chance…REALLY annoying!!!
Counts 4 times in a row before I get some chance… that su***


Have you tried using strategy? I use Stegocera, and I’ve fought Stegocera. It isn’t that difficult to take down if you know what you’re doing. It’s only difficult when you’re on the unlucky end of rng.


Exactly! I have had my stegoceratops stun work again and again and have had it fail just as often! I have had a lower level Einosuchus beat me because he went first and did his ferocious I slowed him down and my stun failed and his worked than he minimum stunned me to death :joy:!

My stego has also taken out 2 dinosaurs in a row because of bad swap maneuvers!

Allot is RNG but allot is also strategic and knowledge of who to use and when it’s best just to sacrifice that dinosaur with 500 health vs swap and give a free shot to the opponent


NOTHING had better happen to the Stegoceratops while we have these dinos running around dodging 6 times in a single match. I lose to noobs too often who just rely on cloaking. A Stegoceratops 4 or 5 levels lower than mine almost beat me the other night because I missed one stun and they got theirs. It’s not unbeatable. They don’t always stun. And yeah, a high enough level Postimetrodon can take down a Stego in a few hits.


Similar to Walking Dead with Daryl; they nerg Stegocera, we riot :rofl:


Oh dear … Here we go again… this forum has to many topics posted about the same thing… Moderators should review such topics before there posted.

If you were facing a level 6 stegoceroptops, would you post this topic? You need to do your research and search the forum or check out :slight_smile:


We can all create stegaceratops and we can all field counters to them. If everyone can use the same strategies there is no balance issue. You just need to work on your team strategy.


Why are you saying that to me? I have no team issues. And honestly, to nerf Stegocera would be a bigger hit than nerfing raptors.


I agree that these topics about OP dinosaurs is tiresome but I don’t think it’s possible for the moderators to stop them! That would mean no new topics would get posted for a long time! I really doubt that they have enough moderators to do that! Especially on a World wide forum!


I just replied to the wrong post, it was meant for the op. Nothing more than that.


I’ve said it before I’ll say it again the reply on the forum needs work :joy:

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