Stegoceratop or monostegotop


Ok so we all know why stegoceratop is considered an apex dinosaur and with a good reason. Decrease speed, stun, and stun again is pretty much what make stegoceratops strong.

The question is should I focus on getting monostegotop, the legendary dino after stegoceratop? Or should I focus on increasing level on the stegoceratop? What situation is monostegotop used for? And is he summoned first or like is it a reactionary dino(put to counter opponent dino)?


I have both and level my stego until i hunt some monolophosaurus to feed the mono.
I prefer mono cause i dont like the rng battles sometimes mono won me battles and other stegoceratops whit chain stun in lost matches


Whatever you can find plenty of fuse ingredients for. Both are good but require a ton of leveling up.

If hypothetically you have unlimited DNA and limited coins maybe I’d go with Mono over Stego.

Mono has more consistent damage and Nullifying utility which is relevant against Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Tragodists list goes on.

Stunning is effectively more damage right. So inconsistent damage but sometimes more damage.

What really matters is that they both have good damage and health. A strong combination that a lot of Dino’s struggle to get.


Also a tip from a veteran gamer is go for bis (in this case the legendary over the epic) cause one day they will nerf stegoceratop to make monostegotops better version than his epic and you will regret the dna and coin lost if you are short of both


Im keepin my stego at 20 till next nerf/buffs just in case :joy:


Tbh monostego is good but it plays a much different role than Stegocera. It’s good to null things out like indo and indom. And for nulling shields out. It has a niche role but it fills that role well


So would you say you use monostegotops first?


Mono is more of a swap in vs indom or indo. Ppl who start with mono get destroyed by my stegod or stegocera…even had my allo wipe one out


Monostegotops is also Apex. It is overall good and counters cloak. I do believe it is going to be getting nerfed though. I usually prefer having Monostegotops because Stegodeus can main tank for me and Monostegotops fits a special counter role. Having Stegodeus, Monostegotops, and Stegoceratops is ideal on your team is ideal.