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Stegoceratops, a really good epic!


I want to talk about him, cause now, even if it’s an epic, he is powerful, and easy to lvl up. Why he is strong ? I have it at 22 in my team, 1070 atk, 38xx healt + 25 % armor. He can slow and now we have one turn less to use his slow attack again, he can stun with two attacks, all 75 % chance but *1,5 and *1 dmg. So, you can use slow attack, then two stun’s eventually, and then slow again. I dont have monostego cause used all in monomimus before his big nerf, it’s too hard for me to find monolophosaurus dna, so i can’t get him to 20 or even less. I got also armargocephalus 22 in my team that really good also, and got now tragodistis 21, and also stegodeus 24.


Got my stegocera at 23 and he’s the best :blush:


Too good that i still don’t know which between stegocera or monostego to level up…:sweat_smile:
I like this type of balancing for hybrids, when the superhybrid is not a complete outclass for the components. Like posti with tryo, utahsino with rinex. I would like more hybrid lines like these…

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I guess it depends how many monolophosaurus dna you have, monostego is better if you can put him same lvl or two less than your stegoceratops, in the current meta is better to be able to counter evasive thing’s, but beetween a 18 monostego and a 22 stegoceratops, i’ll choose the second !


How is stegoc easy to level up? I never see triceratops :smiley:

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That true lol, my stegoceratops is 22 since some month’s, before i find them more easy, same for stegosaurus by the way. Where are they now ?


Stegoceratops is great, until all he has left is the basic move.
He’s still on my team, but not the best.


Stego got me far in the badlands and under.
He was the best in my team. Good times.

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Monostegotops is better and versatile than stego and also has 20% critical chance although 90% it doesn’t hit critical :yum:


Normal dino


Been moved to park spawns, like every other good dino lol

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if thor wasnt so easy to create, ppl would be leveling its allosino, cause thor doesnt completly outclass allos

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Meanwhike counter atackers still have no armor,no speed,no good atack,not good hp
I love it when a herbivor has 20% armor 700+atack,3000+ hp and 110+ speed+stun moves and decelerating moves 1x and 1.5x damage and carnivor like concavenator,raja,carno have no armor,500atk,2000hp and 104 speed with only shield 2 turns to protect then
Its ridiculous PS they cant even bite armor lol
They are prey of herbivors


I love her too, I’ve never given up on leveling her.

I agree monostego is better than stegocera, but not better by a crazy amount like Trykosaurus vs diorajasaur. Monostegotops is more versatile and relies less on stuns to land. Monostegotops beats erlidominus and tryrostronix while stegocera doesn’t, but stegoseratops beats tenotorex while monostegotops doesn’t. Both Dinos has wins and losses against meta relevant dinosaurs and monostegotops being a bit better and harder to level, this line is very balanced.


Stegoceratops helped me enormously in Badlands and Sorna Marshes etc.

It got retired from the team last week after I unlocked Allosino which I then very quickly levelled up to 18 nearly 19.


How does it perform at that level? Mine is 20, monostego 22, but i’m thinking to level up her instead of mono…kinda feel that pterovexus will get a buff in the future (stats too low to me to be a 2 epics + an arena exclusive dino) so i’m not ao sure to invest all my mono dna in monsotego. Moreover i think that if you run dracoceratops, stunning one time more and not taking damage that turn is maybe more synergistic with her Sia. Don’t know. Still have to decide. What do you think?


Agree. They really need to re-work this line of counter dinos.
So many of them in the game, an they never see the arena.


It’s true, counter attackers get shafted in many different ways. Namely when they get stunned by a faster dino. They lose their counter attack that turn, plus their next attack PLUS their next counter attack!! That and if you consider half(ish) their damage is done on the counter, the base is so low they usually die because they can’t do enough damage up front. I realize there’s a trade off with the swapping in factor, but it does still seem they need some TLC.

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If you have resources you can use them both, if you can only level up one and have enough mono DNA to get monostegotops to team average, go for monostego. In the end it’s the levels that matter.

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Counter atackers cant bite,they are outclassed by pretty much every dino in game … has we know for example lytronax is on the same family as T-Rex but is stats compared are unreal
Every counter atacker cant bite hard unless purrolyth wich also suffers from a huge HP disadvantage, they need piercing moves,+speed+atack and more HP
Ludia give then is teeth