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Stegoceratops and Einiasuchus in every team

I am in the 3100 to 3400 range and I have been seeing nothing but these two dinos and I don’t know of a good hard counter to either of them.

I can’t beat em so I try to join them but mine are always a lower level. How to counter stegoceratops and einiausuchus?

Stegodeus-tragodistis and many more

This is all I’ve got.

From what I can see on your screenshot, your counters for stegoceratops are actually trex and allosaurus in your team, as well secodontosaurus in your backup row. And for einia use your stegoceratops as counter. Slow him Down, keep him stunned and thats it, he’s done


Ankylocodon is a tough little bugger that gives them a workout. I either take 'em out with mine, or leave 'em with about 100 hp. He’s immune to all the stuns, has a shield, and armor piercing attacks. Ornithomimus if you’re a gambling person… At times I’ve taken both out without a scratch on my guy. Oh, and timed right a Gorgosuchus will knock either out in one chomp.


IREX for steogotops or anything with a shield and hope it’s stuns don’t work all the time
einiasuchus isn’t usually a problem

I rarely see Einiasuchus anymore but I’m in the same range and fight a stegocera nearly every battle it’s very annoying. I have yet to find a reliable counter to BEAT a stegocera as dinos meant to destroy it like a trex or allosauraus almost always die to it which i think is a big problem with the balance right now. dinos mean to kill tanks are rarely able to do so. I have a postimetridon and it still has a hard time with stegocera

I am working on an article now that will help in arena. Currently having problems posting on the forums tho. Keeps bugging.

I’m not sure if it is proven, but I notice Trex almost always gets stunned by Stegoceratops. Are there underlying stats for dinos for their ability to get stunned? For instance I feel like armored dinos have a better chance of not getting stunned.

Just to preface I understand the attack has a certain percent chance to stun, but the stunnee could also have a certain percent resistance to that (hypothetically) and that is what I’m wondering.

To answer original… its Irex all day to beat high level Stegoceratops.

I use Einisasuchus because it was the first hybrid I made and I have it at a decent level. Seems good idea to keep it on the team.

I also have Stegoceratops which I feel I need just because everyone uses the irritating constant stun moves.

For me obtaining TREX DNA is extremely difficult. I rarely get it in incubators and I only see about 1 per month in the wild. Indominous is taking forever to get.

@Chaddor5484 I have seen the same thing, which seems so stupid. The TRex seems to be something that should counter the Stegocera but it dies 9 out of 10 times I’ve used it. TRex needs a buff imo

Here’s what I use with ~75% luck
Anti-stego:. Gorgosuchus, furious + heal/cleanse + rampage
Anti-Einiasuchus: monolophodaurus, debuff attack + nullify + debuff attack/base to finish

Postmetridon is my go to for stegoceratops. Armor breaking attacks and he can’t be stunned or slowed. Secodontosarus may work out the same way until you can get a stronger immune dino.

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I agree that Indominus Rex is a great counter for Stegoceratops. I don’t use I-Rex but I use Stegocera, and when they cloak, I usually swap out and bring in a sacrifice unless I land the first attack and still have a 1.5x damage attack to use. Even then, sometimes I just sacrifice one and bring in whatever stands the best chance to take down I-Rex. I don’t like losing my Stegocera to a cloak. Postimetrodon can be good too but I never see one that has a high enough level to take down my Stegoceratops. My Postimetrodon is a 22 and I still struggle with certain dinos when they’re higher levels.

I am still using these. Anyone else?

I see them occasionally, but no where near as popular as they were. I figure it’s more important these days to go for Dracoceratops and Thoradolosaur now.

I use Stegoceratops on my second account team. That account is level 15 with an all level 20 team, evenly boosted. I love it!


Rarely. I see more Sarcorixis if anything (Aviary). But even then they’re pretty uncommon.

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What’s this? Time travel back to v1.1?

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