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Stegoceratops Health Glitch

While tied at 1-1, Indoraptor used Cleansing Strike on my Stegoceratops, bringing it down to 100-something HP (less than 200).

I switched to Stegosaurus; Indoraptor took that one out in two hits, leaving me with 2 creatures.

The game suddenly declared victory for Indoraptor.

I believe this is the second time that this has happened to me, and I think it was the same problem before (I think in the previous situation, we were tied at 2-2, then a creature brought Stegoceratops below 200 health and it declared victory–I was super-excited because I was about to win, and then suddenly I lost).

I do not know if the game miscalculates Stegoceratops’s health on the display or in the programming, but I will keep an eye open if it happens a third time.

Hey swan2swan, if this happens again, force closing and relaunching your game should return you into the battle. There are some troubleshooting steps here that could help prevent this as well: Lost a battle I was winning
However, if you’re still having this issue after trying those steps, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key and our team can take a closer look. Thanks!