Stegoceratops in Battle


I think I need to take a break from this game, the battles are no fun anymore now that everyone just uses a stegoceratops and it stuns round after round. I’m in Sorna Marsh and had been playing a ton and having a lot of fun with it, but not lately.

Anybody else feel like the stegoceratops’ high stun rate makes the battles too easy (or too hard, depending on whether yours is available to fight)?


Wait till you either meet an Indominus whose cloak works perpetually or an Indoraptor that evades everytime.


Motivation to start collecting and leveling up those immune dinos. The metas will change again. Keeps the game from becoming boring/stagnant for too long.


I just use ankylocodon to fight against stegoceratops, as it’s immune to stun and slowing effects. The enemy can’t get a free hit on you with stun lock or slowdown if they can’t catch you!

Just make sure that your Ankylocodon (or other dino with immunity) is levelled up a bit, first.


I-rex/Indo counter: any dino with nullifying strike or nullifying impact. This takes their evade/cloak away, as well as doing damage.


Do you have a stegodeus or tragodistis? They’re not immune, but have heavy armor steggocera can’t pierce and you can get shields up to help you through the stunning attacks. Then you come out swinging when steggocera’s down to minimal stunning strike.


What level is good? What level is yours?


Mine is sitting at 16 right now, ready to level up to 17 as soon as i can farm the coin for it.


Most of the stegoceratops i see in Lockdown aren’t really crazy-high levels, but they do put up a fight. The Ankylocodon’s armor + immunity helps you survive. Not saying you won’t take a hit, but what usually works for me is Slowdown, Short Defense, API, repeat.


I’ve fought battles before where my 'Codon took the first two dinos down by itself before falling to the third, because my opponent followed from Stegoceratops to Epic Stygi.

I guess they either rage quit, or just got a bad team setup for the match.


Yeah I know & I have a lvl 20 Mono but almost everytime my opponent has an Indominus, that bugger decides to take the day off


Yeah, you gotta love it when you get stuck with a bad deck.


That’s… crazy helpful advice everybody, thank you so much!


No prob. Just remember that it’s best to open with a dino that’s immune to slowdowns and stuns. Ankylocodon and/or Postimetrodon are two hybrids who can face off against Stegoceratops (or any stunner out there).


If you think Stegoceratops is bad, wait till you fight Diloranosaurus.


I’m not looking forward to that… Dilouran is a beast.


I know. I have a vicious lvl 19 dilorano but I ran out of dilopho dna. Can’t wait to level it up. Heaps of dilopho gen2 dna though…like over 60K. Sheesh…


Greater stunning rampage dilorano hype! :grinning: