Stegoceratops is taking away the fun


So many players are using this as the first choice in the arena, trying to stun as many as possible.
I too can power that into a high level attacker, but i guess is taking away the fun.
I try to play the arena as fun as i can, using diff combinations to enjoy.
But 9 out of 10 perhaps when i meet player having this will use it as the first line up.
Hope we can have fun more than trying to be winner all the way.


People have different definitions of fun. Asking for a nerf just because lots of people use something is a bit silly.


It literally just got nerfed… and it can be easily counted by dinos like Postimetrodon, Indominus Rex, and Ankylocodon. Just know how to deal with it.


“Everyone should have fun the same way I have”

No thanks !


Just because someone started to battle the dino and can’t counter it, come here and asked for the dino to be nerf.
Then move to a higher arena. Met with more robust dinos i.e. uniques and super hybrid. Ask for those dinos to be nerf too.
Ended up all dinos got nerf.
Then, it will be fun…


It didn’t exactly get nerfed. Its speed got reduce but its armour got increased. I’ve noticed little from the speed nerf tbh. But it certainly doesn’t need more nerfs.


There are many fights that are not fun. Stegoceratops is easily countered by Ankylocodon from early stages.

What would you say if your team would be demolished by Indoraptor like mine was today? Of course it was a lot of RNG. Opponents Indo dodged everything and got 3 crits in a row, while my Indominus didn’t dodged anything. Stegodeus took down Indo, but barely survived.


All dinos get 1 health, 1 damage, same speed, and no special moves.

First attack is determined each round by a 3 out of 5 session of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock.

You get a nerf, you get a nerd, you all get nerfs!


Actually no. It is actually ,frustrating but,ok to play against it. With this many immune dinos running around. It becomes useless more than half of the time. This weekend i will replace it with alankylosaurus. Just bevause you cant deal with it dont say it needs nerf


Use something with immunity or wounding to start. Sheilds can also reduce it’s impact.


Now this is a helpful reply. Thank you.

To the haters - there are several barriers in games like these. You are often introduced to the problem before you have an answer to it - much less have learned it.

Should we all cry nerf? No. But lets be kind, and educate.

Some examples of barriers I remember from this game climbing:

The raptor barrier (still a low level thing)
The stegocera barrier
The irex barrier
The stegodeus barrier
The monominumus barrier
The iraptor barrier


Until you learn to deal with them and actually get their counters up and to usable levels, its frustating.

That said, never nerfing anything is a bad idea too. Sometimes a card is just too strong. And buffing the other 130 cards to the same level would be silly.

Usually a good indicator of whether a card needs to be adressed or not is if too many people are using it. Either introduce some more counters (e.g. the new nullifiers they just added) or make the current ones more easily accessible.

Or, yes, nerf the card.

Anyway, remember we are all people here with our own lives. Lets be kind.


Wait, what? :joy: Stegoceratops just got nerfed and in spite of some people complaining that it didn’t get nerfed enough or that it was actually a minor buff, the nerf was noticeable enough to affect her performance. I had mine leveled to 20 and she is now off my team.

Edit to add: I know that losing can be very frustrating and demotivating. However, the reality is no matter how far you climb and how strong your dinos are, there will always be someone stronger. It’s a neverending chase and if you let trophy count consume you, the game won’t be enjoyable at all.


this is how i feel about every post saying “___ needs to get nerfed!”.


Then I suggest stop having too much fun and start opening with some serious immunity.


Mine is high level and I have been using it ever since I created it. I don’t always start with it or even get it in my lineup as a choice. That being said I definitely know how to use it and yeah the stun on it is nice but I’m constantly getting my butt handed to me by counter dinos, so I see no reason for it being nerfed again. I don’t think any dino that you work your tail off getting should be nerfed because a lot of people are having trouble against it. They/Ludia should maybe up the counter dinos if a dino seems to be to superior. That’s my opinion on it. Stop the nerf all together.


I fight indoraptors all day n usually always loses. Indoraptor needs to be nerf.

Seriously though. There is no one single op dinosaur after 1.13 where they nerf the raptor meta. All dinos can be countered. Just bcos you don’t know how to do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Mayb if u strategist more and complain less u may actually get the hang of it. And bothering too muc abt trophy or win/lose will definitely take the fun away


I removed my stegocerotops from my line up because it wasnt as good as other options. Im in low arena 8 and I rarely see 1 anymore. You cant just shout “NERF IT” any time something gives you trouble


I also do not believe nerfs are needed typically to any dino. Rarely do they solve the problem as opposed to just shifting it to another source.

But I do however support some nerfs.

Like could we possibly nerf Owens speed warning?
Or maybe nerf the new style migration to its original form of shuffling all dino around?
Or maybe nerf the strikes that you have competed to be removed from view?
Or, and this is pushing it a bit, nerf the glitches in battle arena?

Those are not digs on Ludia btw. They are improvements to quality of life in the game. Those are more relevant topics to be focused on. No offense to the OP in that statement either.

Maybe in the future lieu of asking for a nerf, make a thread polling other players about how best to counter or what dino should you be building to deal with that particular road block. Most people on the forums will genuinly help if asked. But when you make a thread asking for a nerf cause it’s too hard to beat… most will turn to sarcasm in retaliation to your topic title.

Lastly, once you pass this current hurdle, there are many more hurdles waiting for you. It truly never ends.


stegod can use a nerf tho.just remove superiority from it


Dude, what are you talking about? Stego did get nerfed! Whar arrna are you in? I’m in Arena Ruins and literally go against lvl 22-25 stegoceratops: in the past 2 days had played against it atlrast 10 times and never lost against stego. He’s not that good anymore. You need to learn the basics of this game more and learn how to counter.