Stegoceratops Issue (general stun spam)


The stegoceratops is not balanced and is OP. Who else hasn’t gotten one hit in because of the constant stunning this thing deals? It’s cheap and borderline exploiting a flaw. I got sweeped by this, maybe landed three hits the whole time.


You need inmune criatures like tryostronic or indominus rex, but i know at low level a high level one can devastate a team. Dont know im waiting they nerf him to trash removing like 300 dmg or something and then i can start working on my legendary gigaspikasaur to replace him cause is more cool than stegoceratops xd


Already got both I prefer giga cause he don’t rely on stupid rng just actual tactful use. Stegcero has been oop for way too long i thought it was funny that people claim its not just because they want something that fights at the level of legendary without being legendary even though stegod is just as easy if not easier to farm


Pick nearly anything immune or with both furious strike + adrenaline rush abilities and it’s a joke to beat
Or… Make a higher level stegocera/Ouranosaurus/Stygmioloch :yum:


Even if you are new on JWA and in low arena, there are many common dinos that have immunity, such as Ofiacodonte and her easy hybrid Anchilocodonte. :slight_smile:


I find stegod awkward to farm for - not got one yet, but stegoceratops levelled up a few times. If you do not get required component dinos spawning near you then hybrids hard to do. … not helped by 10 DNA increments almost every time to build up nodoapt then 10 for stegd, whereas stegoceratops does not need a hybrid component so a lot easier to acquire.


Stegceratops has a rare ingredient that I don’t think is global spawn (triceratops) stegods components are all global spawn and very common. I see maybe 5 triceratops a week and I live in their locale. I see nodo apato and amarg multiple times a day regardless of what locale I’m in


Yeah but its funny when they play a unique and you stun it everytime.


Where I live commute I struggle for nodo - its the DNA I need for stegd. Struggle for triceratops too, but only need 50 of that per fuse compared to (typical worst case) 250 per nodosaurus if 5 x 10 nodoapt fuses). maybe its due to spawn times (I mainly play at fixed times of day with bus journey to work, no night play)


What’s next on your list to complain about? She is a stunning creature, shes meant to stun, no nerf needed, I find that having a immune creature does help or having a faster stun dino or even try leveling up your stego can work wonders, be lucky that this didactic happen to you


Stegcero currently hits above its weight OOP Nerf when!!? Raptors got nerfed cause they could hit above their weight it’s obvious that stegcero is in the same spot ATM


Why does no one complain about Tragodistis or Ankyntrosaurus. Invincible, shield, stun.

Poor old Stegoceratops. Has one job and people hate it being done.


I wouldnt mind a stegoceratops nerf, gives me a reason to put a different legendary in its place. My ocd can’t take any yellow on my team. Must be all red or green :joy:

Let’s be honest stegoceratops had its fun run, and an upcoming debuff is inevitable.

@David_Courtney the ankytrollsaurus is the only dino that makes me lose my bonkers. I want a message feature on the battle arenas so when people pop that dino, I can personally ask them… why do you hate me so much? I’ve never lost to that dino, but my patience is very limited. A game should not go longer than 5 mins.


Because they are legendary not an epic


I don’t agree with class systems. Generally but in games it just leads to boring gameplay. All dino’s should vary in who they beat and who beats them.


We wouldn’t all be grinding unique dinosaurs if a common could take em all down. If they could people wouldn’t need to hunt much at all. Just my opinion. There are legendary stunners that have no chance of stunlock it’s broken that an epic can do it especially since making them takes at least 4x resources of rare epic creatures(not common and rare)


The game is more like rock paper scissors than the higher class beats the lower class. 1.3 even stated it was taking measures to avoid power creep.

No point in saying we don’t grind out uniques cos we do even right tactic or wrong tactic. But a lot of ingredients are better than their hybrid. Hybrids are often specialised versions.


People frequently confuse “really strong in a certain niche” with “OP”. Stegoceratops, as has been mentioned many times before, is easily countered by anything with an immune. If you’re getting stun-locked, you’re simply not countering stegoceratops correctly.

I see this complaint all the time about indominus as well from people who don’t know how to run a nullifier/shielder and don’t know how to bait a cloak.


I run a few counters to stegcero so it’s not an issue anymore for me but it still hits way too hard for an epic that is a tank


I wouldn’t disagree that her damage may be a tad high (she hits harder than indominus), but her move kit, to me, is perfectly fine. She’s a control dino, and a really really good one. If you’re not running counters for her, that’s your own fault.