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Stegoceratops lvl 18 or create monostego?


So this is my trouble: i have an stegoceratops lvl 17 and i have enough DNA for up to lvl 18, but recently I came across with three monolophosaurus (yeah, three) and I have enough DNA for make the monostego, but I’m not sure if it will be better than a stegoceratops lvl 18, or create monostego and put both Dino’s in the team…so what do you think? Every answer will be thankful!


Monostego. Dare to be different. Too many people have Stegocera now, and spam the stuns one after the other. At least Monostego has debuff abilities to remove positive effects on your opponent.


I use both, and find each one really helpful in different scenarios.


Do you have any Galli DNA? Moniminimus is amazing. I’ve benched my Stegoceratops which is tough when Ive got DNA for days and I wanted it so bad for so long.
It might depend on what else is in your squad?


Ditched Stegoceratops awhile ago. Monostegatops is much more useful in the long run. Nullify is needed when you get to the ruins.


Create monostego now for sure. Faster, higher crit, and nullifying attacks. Stun is still there. Start battling with both of them. And then go back to the same area where you saw monolophosaurus in case more show up.


Lvl up stegoceratops and create monomimus… before they nerf it…


Yep Monominimus is the shiz


I use both on my team, I have a level 19 Stegocera and level 17 Mono if I recall correctly. So many times the null ability has saved my behind.

DEF get Mono, but use both!


@Nick1 It depends on the other dinos you have, but in the long run Monostegotopo is better than Stegoceratopo, but Monomimo is better than Monostegotopo.
So if Monolofosauro dna isn’t a problem, go get Monostegotopo now and, when you have enough Gallimimo, then create Monomimo.