Stegoceratops nerf


When is the stegoceratops nerf? Getting multiple dinos stunlocked by that stupid OP BS over and over is making Battles stupid and boring.


use a dino that cant get stunned?


Postimetrodon got buffed and is kinda a perfect counter now … higher speed, Immunity and Armor Shattering.


thats what Im using to counter it.

Also… get a stegoceratops your self?


ENOUGH with the stegoceratops nerf posts! My goodness, there are so many dinos that can counter it, it’s not even funny anymore… just go learn about possible counters and go find DNA to make them


but the WAAAAAHHH RAPTORS worked so well for them…



Yes, I will go stack my team full of immune dinos to counter one dino. That is what balance is!

And oh, I could use it myself, so I can be part of the problem! Good balance!

I always let the counter hit zero when stunned just so trash players have to sit around and wait after they stun


Statistically speaking, you would be pretty safe with only 2 immune. 3 if you wanted to hedge your bets.

with a 50% draw all you need is one.


What stunlock? I missed today 7 out of 8 75% stun :–D


OMG! Buff needed on Stegocera! lol


Lol I love my stego… :smile:


I’m at 3300ish and Postmetrodon is my best counter, but I never see Postosuchus so my Postmetrodon is level 12. It doesn’t even come close to doing enough damage to the level of Stegaceratops that I’m seeing over and over and over. I cobble together other Dinos and hope for the best. But it’s boring and tedious whether I’m fighting with it or against it.

I can’t use my one Stegoceratops very effectively as a counter because I rarely see Triceratops, anywhere.