Stegoceratops or Stegodeus or both?


Is it worth spreading your dna usage to get both of these animals or should one focus on one more over the other?
My current lineup:


Stegodeus is bloody amazing. I’d invest as much as I can.


What i did was start working towards stegod till i needed time to farm his other components and while doing that any stego dna went to stegocera. I have a 22 stegod and 20 stegocera now so has worked nicely


My lineup go both lol


if you get both on youre team at the same time your odds of winning goes up a lot


Yep and i bought the 4500 cash coin pack and ran out of coins to level stegod to 21 :joy: oops


I just wish i could find euoplo or whatever its name is for my tragodist


And more rex :joy: lvl 17 indom with a 22 stegod and 20 stegocera just looks wierd


It’s quite safe to go with both until level 15.
Stegodeus is an (near)apex considered dino and Stegocera is also considered an apex by some.
Apex means it’s one of the best.

Why level 15 for Stegocera: most likely you’ll want to have at least two tanks. Monostego is a decent choice which also partially counters indoraptor (the top dino in the game),


Not kidding about eupo. Finally got my tragodist though :sweat_smile:


Stegodeus has more bulk, two slowing moves, cleansing, armor-piercing damage and shield. More handy than stun chains.


cant have a level 15 stegodeus


Do you mean to get them to level 15 and then stop leveling them? I didnt quite understand what you meant.


I have Stegosaurus level 20, Stegoceratops level 20 and Stegodeus level 16; all are in my team. I have stopped leveling up the Stegosaurus and concentrating on the other two - there are enough of them around to do that.

The dilemma will be once I have enough Monolophosaurus DNA to start fusing Monostegotops - do I stick with Stegoceratops or do I use its DNA?

The other dilemma is what I use Nodopatosaurus DNA for - leveling up Stegodeus or Gigaspikasaur; at the moment I’m going with Giga until it is created - then what??


Stegodeus is a god right now litwrally can do 1 vs 2 dinos easy i feel a god when i get mine in combat :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m inside in the rain look who came to my house. Stegodeus wouldn’t do that Stegoceratops is the best.


Never seen this guy in the wild, nodopat, gorgosuch and postmetridon are only ones iv seen as epic hybrids


First time I’ve seen him. I see Einasuchus a few times a week only a rare but still impresses me…


I saw one in the wild as well but it annoys me because it makes you end up with dna that isn’t a multiple of ten that you’ll probably never be able to use :sob:


Like when i got 7 indom dna from a incubator :joy: that 7 doesnt help me at all just hurts seeing 3 dna away when i get the wonderful 10 infuse curse