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Stegoceratops or stegodeus?


I’m new here on this forum, so sorry if this is in the wrong place, but hi everyone! Haha. Anyway I was wondering which you guys personally think is better to level up, stegoceratops or stegodeus? I actually loved the stegocera before I got stegodeus so I just kept evolving the latter. But I definitely think stegocera’s stun attacks were super helpful. Stegosaurus have been pretty sparse for me lately, no idea why, they were literally EVERYWHERE since the game’s first started up until a few months ago. Thanks for any and all input ! :ok_hand:t2:


Stegoceratops is quality with slow and stuns but stegodeus you can take futher into the game. There isn’t much stegosaurus as it is now a park only spawn

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Go for gigaspikassaur iff you can



Depends on what is your current arena, what do you want on your team and what is your current team level overall.

Stegoceratops can be really useful because of her double stun, but fails against most immune armor piercers like Indominus Rex. It is also vulnerable to being distracted and slowed.

Stegodeus can hold its ground better against distracting and slowers and has an overall higher damage output, but fails against chompers and bleeders spectacularly, something Stegoceratops doesn’t really have a problem with if played right. Worst case scenario Stegoceratops takes down a bleeder with her.

Both can be deadly assets depending on what your team currently offers.


Would waste amargosaurus dna for trago


Hi there @Krissi_Liz,
in the higher arenas you will face tryostronix and indominus rex (which are immune)
-stegodeus has a shield to half indomimus rex damage, has a rampage + thagomizer to at least do some damage to tryostronix.
-stegoceratops can’t counter both because of immunity, although can do a lot of damage.


@Memerio I’m sorry - but these creatures could counter you.

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I’m in the Sorna Marshes arena, a few days ago I made it to the Jurassic Ruins but quickly fell back down :joy: I’ve been stuck between 3000-3500 for a whiiiile now, I have a habit of wasting DNA on like any hybrid that’s ready for an upgrade. So I probably haven’t been powering up my best players bc I haven’t been patient enough. I do love my monostegotops too so I wonder if having both him and stegocera would be redundant.

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@anon32111043 yeah I’ve faced them pretty often. I have Indominus Rex on my team, I feel like he’s such a gamble but I do love that he’s immune. I’ve noticed that stegodeus is better against him as well bc of the shield, so that’s why she’s been the chosen one lately.


Best thing is hold up on the levels until 1.6 drops then you got a more clear idea where you want to go as the meta is always changing but personaly i have got stegodeus and monostego in my team


Go for Steggod. Stegoceratops DNA is better spent on Monosteg since she’s more versatile, and Steggod’s HP is fantastic.

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@Liam_Catley did Ludia post a confirmed date when 1.6 will update? I saw the post they made about new hybrid creatures but didn’t see a date.


More then likely in 2 weeks time thats the estimation not offical though


If you could post your team it could help with suggestions… both dinos are viable in the end game. But team synergy also plays a role… with the lack of stego right now most focus on 1 or two. And thats nornally stegodeus for her flexibility.

While stegocera can be very useful… it is a component for monostego, which might be the best stego hybrid at the moment


Depends on which for you is easier to level, I had both on my team at lv26.

Consider now stegosaurus is a park spawn, you can go with gigaspikasaur if you are okay with sharing amargo DNA with tragodistis.


I know I should probably throw another immune creature tossed in there, I usually have ankylocodon but he’s so weak that it aggravates me. I threw miragaia in there for fun one day and liked him so I left him. He’s def the oddball on my team haha


Wow that Miragaia!! How’s it treating you?? It seems rather underrated is what I’ve heard.


It really is! I’ve noticed some people have her as well so I’m not the only one who discovered her skills! The counter attack is strong. I keep getting its DNA on like every single incubator I’ve opened since the game released it. Can’t complain haha. I’m sure someone’s going to bust my balls over how strong my Stygi gen2 is but that just shows how impatient I was to evolve alllll my dinos even if they were crap😂


I was honestly going to mentioning stop leveling sygi gen 2… you want to prioritize your coins on stuff thats gonna be useful for your team… that and if stygi gen 2 gets a hybrid thats not a unique all that dna could have been used for said hybrid…


@Evicton Yeah I figured I’d leave it at 20 since the hybrid levels of the dinos are getting higher, so at least I’ve got loads of Stygi2 DNA :roll_eyes: definitely a waste thus far.