Stegoceratops speed nerf


Okay so its Predecessors have a speed of 115 and 116 and before the update it had 117 I believe and now it’s at 110, really lol that doesn’t make sense, now its slightly faster then theropods but gets out speed by a sinoceratops, seems legit

Reduce speed

That doesn’t make sense, people will still complain because all they complain about is its stun moves not its speed, and only giving it 5% more armor… I think it was at 20 before update but it won’t help lol it still has a speed reduction move and then it will still go for stun moves


Why stegoceraptor reduce his speed.
It pass from 115 to 110?
It worst for all who has this dino


I think they nerfed too his life and dmg but didnt remember xd


I’ve not experienced any issues with its speed being reduced, still does the job it used to before. Lets not complain about every change in the game.


Its slower than most dinos now… slower than its rival sinoceratops lol


Yes it may be a lot slower, but i’ve found no difference, it still performs very well in battles.