Stegoceratops stunning bug?

Hello everyone.

I’m just here to ask to all of those who still have a Stegocera in their squad like me: recently, I’ve had 0 (!) stuns with it in more than 10 battles (!!), even with the 75% chance stunning attack. And when I say 0 I’m not joking. Literaly 0 stuns !! Has anyone got it too or I’m just having one of those horrible RNG moments?

Thank you.

I think the odds are 1 in about 20,000 that would happen, assuming an even mix of greater stunning and regular stunning.

But, with over 20,000 players battling each day, it’s going to happen to someone. But 10 more misses in a row and I would either play the lottery or hide under my bed.

Having no stuns in 10 battles does not sound unusual at all. It’s all randomized. Yes it is unpleasant and feels like a string of unlucky battles but based on how stuns are something that happens by chance, I think it is normal.

Also, 75% chance of stun means each time you use that ability you have a 75% chance of stunning and not that you get 75% of all attacks being stuns. Sometimes people mix that up and get confused.

Don’t try to stun immune Dino’s :stuck_out_tongue:
Just tested my lvl 18 and stunned the normal amount