Stegoceratops Update


I think in the new update they are going to make it to where when Stegocetatops marches out, the death halo appears, the cartoon birds start chirping and your Dino just drops to the ground, saving us from the stun, stun, stun, death trauma. 75% chance of stun, my @$$


I concur. lol


Not totally accurate. She only starts with minimal stun (15% I think) and slow. 75% stun and 30% stun can only be triggered in the 2nd turn onwards and both got a 3-4 turn cd. Unless you gave an over leveled one she is sitting duck after 3 turn


no one starts with the 10% stun. decelerate. 75% stun (always works). then 33% (sometimes works) then 10% stun. many times it’s going to hit you 3 times in a row.


I have particularly bad luck against it. Battled one to within one strike from my death, changed to a level 23 Allosaurus and never got a strike. Three stuns in a row, then death. has happened multiple times.


Match was 2-2, my stego clinging to 700 health, out marches a Trex. Literally said a quick RNG prayer. 2 stuns in a row and finished him off. OTOH, plenty of times when none of the stuns worked for me and i got shredded.


Playing stego in JWA is kind of like playing goblins in MTG… sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

His first two hits have good damage, though, plus a slow, which helps even if the stuns don’t trigger.


I like the “my @##” bit. Well, time to level up mine


Just picked up a few birds for the slaughter? Maybe they’ll be as effective as Blue, Charlie, Echo and Delta. Lol


I always do minimal stun first when i fight a Stegodeus. It’s bad news for them if it stuns. They’re just gonna do superiority strike and cleanse the slow down immediately.


it’s hardly ever going to work though. i’d rather get a 1.5x damage attack in before it gets it’s shield on.


Every Stegodeus I face with my Stegoceratops does superiority strike first, unless they’re a fool. The minimal stun is a long shot but it’s so worth it when it stuns. It’s better to save the slowing attack for after they do thagomizer, or predict when they’ll do it and use it at the same time so I’ll still be faster.


I have gotten some new creatures that take care of him pretty good. I really don’t worry much about it now. Thanks for all of the input