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Stegoceratops WAY too powerful!


This freak of nature is so powerful that if he hits you ONCE you have little hope of winning the game! Let alone the duel! Rapt or was the only hope to bring him down a bit so others can kill him. Now, you made raptors weak, except blue, thus is impossible to win. When I see him I just give up. T-Rex against him have no hope at any level. Why you left him unchanged? Level 7 players have him? How come!?! Keep changes coming. Game still broken!


The amount of stunning attack it has is scary. I got Permastunned in one match. But I don’t think it’s necessarily broken. I think it needs just a bit of rebalancing.


Yes, Stegocera is a very coercive creature.
But you can see how Tragodistis changed in this version. It can totally counter down Stegocera.


This last update added good things and took away all the fun. Stegosaurus is soooo common as an opponent and who ever starts with him is an automatic winner. Pity ludia pity! Your update messed up a balanced game that needed twicking. Now it needs rebuilding. Broken. Pay to win. You had to do something to have more money in with only 5 million downloads all have to pay to make money eh?


Now everyone needs to think whether to keep play this game ,it doesn’t make sense to change the game so drastically . Who knows of that’s not going to happen in the next updates as well…so many creatures have cleanse and speed decrease that some of my very expensive creatures worth nothing now. It’s sad it looks like a way of making money ,let’s change the dinos skills and now you need coins to other dinosaurs and you need to pay money to get money ,it’s unfair…and it happens in so many other games .the pool game for example started fair and today your cue need a “charge” that coat money of the game which you need to buy with real money . Here it’s just a more sophisticated way to make real money . My erlikosaurua gen 2 is useless now ,every creature have cleanse and decrease speed that ridiculous,


People said that same sentiment about Raptors being OP etc. Now they changed the meta. No creature is worthless as you’ll never know when it will get buffed or nerfed. Also Stego is just as common as raptors were, so complaining is moot.


Stegoceratops is mighty but if you go as far as saying you have little hope of winning the game, sounds like you just had a very unlucky match. Her combo of slowing - 75% chance of stunning - 1.5x damage will most likely kill your dinosaur while Stegoceratops has only taken one hit. But after that, Stegoceratops becomes weak. Almost anything else you bring up should one shot or two shot her before she can use thagomizer again, you take minimal damage from her base attack. Unless, that is, you get so unlucky that you get stunned by her 10% chance, but that rarely happens. Stegoceratops tends to win against her first opponent but then goes out fast.


playing this game long enough you should know by now… Winning the FIRST set of the game and you have 75% chances winning the match! I have uninstalled the game because was stealing my life and murdering my phone battery. I have consoles for pete sake! I don’t lack games. I feel like an alcoholic having a sober glimpse of hope but I’m not turning to any church or something.

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What is the next, Indominus is too OP? Next one Indoraptor is too OP?


He was op before this patch

Immunity is the obvious counter. Stegoceratops doesn’t do that much damage. Shields are good for surviving the stun chain.

Yes you can sometimes get stunlocked when the low % stuns land but the whole game is mostly RNG and those irritating rolls happen constantly so meh

And of course they mix it up or it gets stale. It’s not like it’s complicated now is it?


I just faced a level 15 Stegoceratops with my level 17 Stegoceratops. Needless to say, I won, but I had to use all my weapons: Slowing Impact - Greater Stunning Strike - Stuning Impact. Now I had to use Minimal Stunning Strike for two turns, I thought I was done for sure. The opponent brought up Postimetrodon and I thought she would finish me off in one, maybe two turns, which makes sense because Stegoceratops had already done her job. However it took Postimetrodon three turns to kill me! Which gave me 2 free hits against second opponent. Stegoceratops is not OP, but this update has severely nerfed damage dealers to a point where they are completely useless…

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I even created an account just for this thread.
This stegoceratops is way too op. Every single stun he does works almost 90% on me which was the reason why i dropped from 31++ trophies to 27++ believe it or not. Every single opponent i fought used him. When either my einiasuchus or sinoceratops used the stun, it missed often but when the enemy’s stegoceratops used their stun, they almost stunned my dino every single time. Even their MINOR STUNNING STRIKE stuns my dino eventhough it has a small chance to inflict stun.


I find Einiasuchus can easily kill the Stegoceratops by using cleanse 2nd attack and it seems less likely I get stunned then using stunning impact usually beats it.
Also Nodopatosaurs doesn’t get stunned as much with its shield on.
Otherwise just use a dino with immunity and the stun doesn’t bother you.


there is zero chance an einiasuchus beats a stegoceratops. also using a cleanse just cleanses that stun, it doesn’t affect your chance of getting stunned again. neither does having a shield.


It’s not zero. My level 18 crit’ed a level 18 earlier. So the chance is probably about 5%. I got lucky and they never stunned.


Stego’s slowing impact slowed my einia and the next turn he goes first and there goes the neverending stun


If it’s ALWAYS never ending stun then why would anyone ever need to slow the opponent?


To move first and stun the enemy before they make a move obviously


I adore my level 17 stegoceratops but she is NOT a guaranteed game winner or even round winner by any means. As has been said here and elsewhere, there’s sometimes more luck than skill (or skill set) involved in these battles. My 17 stegoceratops has been taken out by a 14 stegoceratops before because their stuns worked while mine just dealt damage. Generally I take out one opponent but on the second I’m usually toast.


Let’s not get the Stegoceratops nerfed now too. The raptor is one of the worst to use against it. They always swap out as soon as I slow them down. I haven’t encountered a raptor that can take down my level 23 stegoceratops. I put in too much work on some of these dinos for the crybabies to get them weakened more. Just play the game. Not every aspect of it is gonna be customized to your needs. Adapt to what they throw at you. I just went hunting for raptors like I always do at night and found 5 in 2 hours. Yes, FIVE. Good job on making those scarce now.