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Permastunned by look a like Pokemon Stegoceratops. Please change the % of stunning.
For every Dino there is a counter part… but not for the Stegoceratops! It doesnt matter wich Dino you choose - you get stunned and stunned. :confused:


Work for those immunes. No slow or stun. My freshly made level 16 Tryostronix just two-hit a level 22 Stegacera. (Gotta bring him out fresh. Not enough health to take a swap hit.) Before that I-rex was a good counter if you didn’t mind rolling the dice. Monomimus too, if you can get the distracting impact, evasive stance thing working.


Well it does matter what you choose cause if you use an immune Dino you won’t be stunned at all :sweat_smile:


Or a faster Dino with stun to gain an advantage. Too many people acting like every loss is a conspiracy


Postimetrodon is a good counter to Stegoceratops. It’s faster, immuned to slowing and stunning, and hits hard!


Yeah… how I could forget this. Now I will set all my 8 Dino-slots replace by a Dino with immun.


Well you said it doesn’t matter which you choose… you are incorrect :relieved:


I know. But he makes good damage too.
The prob I have is he is a little bit unbalanced.
Good damage, he stunn you and can make you slower.

Moreover I dont know how to explaine all my critiques in english. :smile:

Ps greetings from Germany to the Jurassic Community :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe @Ulfhednar can help he’s German too :yum:

Yeah I agree tbh I hate it, I only levelled it up because everyone else uses it.


Do you people that are crying about stego not have a stego? I get stunned and then next turn I stun back. You win some you lose some.


I prefer Monostegotops because of the nullifying attacks, but it’s just a placeholder right now for the devil - Ankyntrosaurus :smiling_imp:


Indominus is my first choice against Stegoceratops. But if it is 2 or more levels higher Indom can’t one-shot it (unless critical hit)


Oh god no more arguing, please :exploding_head:


If you think stegoceratops is annoying, oh boy you have no idea what sort of suprise is awaiting you at 4000 trophy count


Stegodeus? Indoraptor? Ankyntrosaurus? :sweat_smile:


Yeah I know… more Pokemon. :sweat_smile:


Out of those 3, the most annoying would still be stegodeus


I’d say it depends on what you’ve got up in your sleeve (of 4).
But you’re right, it is defenitely annoying ^^


The armor shredding ability is only 1 cooldown so he can use that ability like a machine gun. And with a shield on, can survive a Irex cloak and shred


T-Rex is quite good against it, but not to switch in, unless it has been slowed. Tryostronix, Dimetrodon and their ilk (you get the idea) are useful against it too