Stegod and monomimus are still good

I was ready to take them both off the team but used them a few times in battle now and really besides the bleeders, both are still useful.

Monomimus is one hit wonder now. Can be oneshoted.

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Yeah they pretty good. They helped me win some matches just now. Just got to be smart how to use both of them

after 2 battles, monomimus has died with 2 or less hits. Barely usable. before the update, i didnt use evasive unless i had to. with this update, now im going to have to use evasive as the first move. :unamused:


Drop that Monominimus and pick up your Monostega. I love it with it’s 75% chance stun. Can’t wait to get more Mono DNA to give it some more levels.

Stegod yeah, just need to be careful with bleed

Monomimus, terrible… Now it totally depends on evasive luck

Stegod just should still be good if not fight against bleeder.
Yes lost overpowered superiority and armor piercing, but gain some hp and no cooldown rampage.

But Monomimus is not, nerf 25% hp without any compensation.
Too much rely on dodging would never be stable.

Just oneshoted a lvl 24 monomimus whit a lvl 30 stegot rampage lol

So weird… balancing working at it’s best. :wink:

Maybe the forum as a whole owes ludia a giant high five and apology for being so quick to judge? Or perhaps next time we’ll reserve judgement till we can see the dinos in action to see how the balancing actually plays out. :smiley: