Stegod in Arena 7, a transitional stage


I feel like Arena 7 is kind of a new reality for players, 'cause that’s when the legendaries start appearing a lot, especially Stegodeus… Now, I know many people here are already complaining a lot about Stegod, and others are saying “Oh she’s not OP, stop crying! Just use IndoRex, or Trago, or Allosino, or T-Rex lv 20+”… But for players who just got to Arena 7, it’s not that simple…So, it basically says “get your own legendary or you’ll lose”… And that’s probably normal, like I said, a transitional stage… but must it ALWAYS be against Stegodeus?! Every time that beast shows up, I feel like I’m facing a boss battle! I don’t mind losing… That’s part of the game… But it gets so boring to lose all the time for the same dino…

Now I’m making my own Stegod and I’ll probably join the “don’t nerf her” team… But when everybody starts doing the same thing… well, that’s kind of a problem, don’t you think?


I was once so despised of Indominus, Indoraptor, Monomimus…
Solution: if you can’t beat them, join them…:blush:


And since I’ve created this topic, got into a 5 losing streak, all against Stegod =D


I’d say - If you are on Area 7 and you cannot handle it, stay on Area 6 and make your own Stegodeus. I had the same problem when I barely reached Area 7, first fight against opponent with Stegodeus - Hello again, Area 6.
Next I fused my own Stegodeus and then I’ve never degraded to Area 6.
Stegodeus is probably the most popular Legendary dinosaur. Why? It’s powerful and what’s more important - it’s created from Stegosaurus (which spawns nearly everywhere) and Nodopatosaurus (Apatosaurus same as Stegosaurus and Nodosaurus is quite common as a rare dinosaur)
Result: Don’t hurry - You’ll get your Apex dinosaurs once time. No need to complain :slight_smile:


Same here when faced the first Indominus Rex, I was bouncing from arena 7 to 6 until I created mine.
And always try to see the good thing: there is just one stegodeo in every opponent collection and sometimes it won’t be in the 4 chosen by Rng. :wink:


The reality is yes… At some point everyone hits that wall where if you dont have the dinos to compete youll lose. Stegod is easy to get, thats why you see it so often… Make 1…


I’ll have mine soon, just need one or two Nodos… My point is: it’s really boring to hit that exact same wall over and over again… I got to the point where I wish I would start LOSING TO OTHER dinos :sweat_smile:

Just saying… if they don’t nerf Stegod, they should really make other dinos more capable of countering her… She’s way more difficult to beat than other legendaries and it’s the easiest to make! Now Stegos are common even at night… It doesn’t make sense…


I’ve been running into a lot more Stegods in Arena 6 lately. Luckily, they’re low enough level that i can use raptor to pounce, take the stegod down a notch, then swap out for Rex or Tarbo. Hit again, and if the stegod is still standing, finish him off with raptor or ankylocodon.


Stegodeus did nothing wrong…


Yea there is dinos that counter stegodeus, but megalosuchus and trex got nerfed.


Hi Arnold, first of all, i understanx your comments and frustration. Unfortunately this is part of the game and if you want to extend it, even part of life. When go to war/battle, you don’t want to go with speers and knifes, you want to use the best weapons that are available. So everyone will use the best weapons. Its part of evolution. Welcome to the Meta-world. Just try to enjoy the game and indeed, keep on working on your stegod. Good luck