Stegod short defense

So I had my stegodeus vs a stegodeus. My stegodeus was close to dying, so I swapped in my megalosuchus. The attack my opponents stegod did on my swap was short defense. On my next turn, I used my megalosuchus’ short defense. My opponents stego used superiority strike, I used ferocious strike. My shield disappeared but my opponents shield remained. My opponent used superiority strike again, and i used critical impact. I was hit with the full damage and they continued to have the shield protection a whole turn longer than mine. WHY DID THEIR SHIELD LAST LONGER?


Stego’s shield lasts 3 turns. Mega’s shield only lasts 2 turns

Hmm I believe stegodeus shield only lasts 2 turns as well?

I think it because the change of speed. It happen to me sometime when i battle stegod at same times

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Change of speed? Meaning it’s a bug?
I don’t recall my Stegod having 3 shield turns though. It would have been hard to miss, as I try to count each turn the shield is up.

No, you are mistaken… Tragodistis shield lasts for 2 turns, Stegodeus shield lasts for 3…


It’s beceause of the slow down. It is a bug. I’ve seen it before.

Change in speed is correct. It lasts two HITS, rather than two turns.

So situation one -

T1: You have priority. You use short defense.
Your opponent hits you (negated by 50%)
T2: You have priority, you use another move.
Your opponent hits you (negated by 50%). Your shield disappears.


T1: Opponent has priority. Opponent hits you (100% damage)
You use Short Defense.
T2: Opponent hits you (50% damage)
You use another move.
T3: Opponent hits you (50% damage)
You use another move and your shield goes away.

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Wow! You got me on that one… Was certain it was 3 turns…

But if it’s “two hits” how come actions without an attack (cloak, ready to crush, invincibility) still count against the number of turns it’s active? And what if something with a SIA was swapped in instead? Would that have counted against this “two hits” rule making it expire when would be expected?

Please don’t give Ludia any ideas on how to make the stegod even more difficult to deal with. :grimacing:

The shield lasted 3 turns. it had to have been a bug.

Attacks count as a turn regardless of whether they do damage. RtC is still an attack.

Swap in actions don’t count as one of the attacks.

Edited to add: There is something bugged about swaps with shields, however. In my stated case above, the OP’s case would have resulted in him hitting twice and the opponent hitting twice and both shields being up in the same turn.

Instead, the OP seems to be stating the shield lasted 3 turns.

One more edit. Actually what happened is close to correct because of the change in priority but was still slightly bugged.

OP"s case should’ve looked like this -

T1: You swap.
Opponent uses Short Defense.
T2: You use short defense (50% damage)
Opponent hits you (50% damage). (Both have been hit once).
T3: You use an attack (50% damage). Opponent’s shield goes away when they move next.
Opponent uses an attack against you (50% reduction) both shields are gone.

but thats not exactly what happened. the opponents shield was still up the turn after my shield was gone.

Right. So that’s the part that is bugged. Both shields should’ve been up at the same time. Opponents shield lasted 4 turns rather than 2. It’s almost like swapping dinos reset the counter for the shield (and it was up for 3 consecutive turns instead of 2).