Stegod zeus stats slightly nerf


Stegod zeus… that dino you know.:zipper_mouth_face:
Now got hp-150 atk-10 at lv26.
Here’s an opponent I just encountered, with lv26 Stegod.
It should be hp-5250 atk-1030 before ver.1.4.


how’s majungasuchus? i felt it got nerfed also


Yes, they did for sure. My level 21 Stegodeus lost 80 damage. Now at 800 damage (HP I can’t remember)


The one nerf I really needed… thank you :pray:t3:


Seems like few stats have been shifted for a few. Cooldowns added to Indominus?


I notice that. Majunda got atk heavily nerfed.:cry:
I need another post to describe this.


Sorry for that… Then I stick with my megalosuchus forever😥