Stegodeus and tragodistis

I am a mid level player can anyone guide me which one is better in raids and arenas

I’ve never seen a Stegodeus in raids, but I’ve seen Tragod on raids… I’d say Tragod is better on raids and Stegod is better on arena


Trago is good in raids, but not the Apex raids, so if you want to level something specifically for raids there’s better options, like Tryostronix, Paramoloch for Tuoramoloch, or Tyrannolophosaur for Tenontorex, or even Irritator.
Stegodeus is decent in the arena, and nothing special in raids.


Thanks, I will use them as told.

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trago is better in raids due to healing taunt and AOE damage but stegod is better in arena because it has something better than a strike. i recommend stegod because the dna to get it is more common

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