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Stegodeus buff please?

So isn’t it about time for Ludia to restore Stegodeus to its former glory? Its hardly a contender at all with all the Thors and Trykos running around now. What could it hurt to, at a minimum, return what was taken away from it?

No worries mate.

Every dino need a re-work.
My giga dosen’t work that well agains Thor or Tryko either.


What?! What do you mean your tank gets countered by a tank-buster??? This is an outrage!!!


I don’t think it needs a buff. There are just too many high-end dinos with defense shattering moves that makes most tanks virtually useless. They need to re-arrange the skill sets of many of those Dinos so that Shields and armor means something.


I buffed my Stegod by not trying to fight Trykos and Thors with it.


I still proudly use my stegod. Highest ranked player still using it :joy:


I agree with this for Thoradolosaurus. Tenotorex as well.

Trykosaurus is a completely different bag of evil though, cause its both the best tank and one of the best tank busters currently… It needs to lose some armor, now that it has Distraction. :roll_eyes:

I would argue that Thor and Tryko are everything busters. My point is, now that there are several “monster” Dinos, what harm could come from Stego getting toughened back up?

Ooooor we can adjust the problematic ones (Trykosaurus mainly) instead of making Stegodeus cancer again.

Fix the problem and not try to bandaid a problem with another problem. Look what it has caused already (cough Dracoce-RAT-OP-s cough)


The OP posts a thread about buffing a dino.

It turns into more nerf this crying.

Not shocking.


You know stegodeus is the one which finish in the best place of the “olds” OP creatures like raptors?lol haven’t see it before 3000 trophies,monomimus?once in 3300,stegodeus?you have plenty before 4000,dracocera?I never see…ow wait?

I replaced a 29 Stegod with a 25 Tryko. That’s just how much better Tryko is at its job.

Tanks are only good for tanking damage from fast dinos and slowing them. With all bleeders and tank busters there is only mentioned niche for tanks. Otherwise are more of a dead weight.

Tryko is really dino that can make opponent throwing the phone. I think RTC dinos as Tryo needs some more health that can be real counters to Tryko.


Then it turns into more crying about “but don’t touch my autowin dinos”


Nah, it’s the only creature made of 3 epics so of course it’s insanely powerful

Imagine it gets reverted to when peeps used to have 20 minute battles because it was two tank(stegod) smacking each other.

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So a hybrid made of 3 epics mean to break the game?
Explain me dioraja plz
I don’t think stegodeus need a buff actually.
All those tyrants and apex needs counter WHICH can be beat by tanks
Rock paper scissor,the perfect balanced game


I would not care if it was made out of 200 epics, when it makes almost everything else obsolete, it needs nerfing (or everything else buffing).

It’s also a Strawman argument and boils down to “hurr-durr I worked for it so I deserve free win dinosaurs”. Guess what? Taking anything to endgame needs “work” and no other games except crappy Korean MMOs take into account what needs how much work when it comes to balance. And those games die in 2 years MAX.

Have you ever used Stegoceratops against Tryko? Go try it and come back and tell me how unbeatable Tryko is. Also, if Tryko is wounded a little, Posti can handle it easily most of the time.


Now you are just jumping conclusions, noone said to revert back to the tank meta. The only thing that was mentioned is that it’s nonsense that a hybrid class chomper-tank, which is supposed to be the middle ground of both worlds, does not only the best of both niche, but also genocides everything out of both class in the process.

Stegodeus was exactly nerfed because of that, that it was too good at being both a tank and a tank breaker.

Trykosaurus had 30% armor because originally it had a vanilla strike at turn one and it was needed for its design to work. Now that it’s faster has stronger counter and a very good turn 1 spell, it’s outrageous that it still has both 30% crit and 30% armor, that was only there so its old kit was functional.

Back then Trykosaurus’ drawback was it being slow and having bad turn 1 damage. What is its weakness now, that other dinosaurs does not have?

Cause being able to be twoshot by Tryostronix and bleeding to death is something almost every single dinosaur dies to (with immunes being the exception towards bleed)