Stegodeus damage reduced?


Just wondering if I,m miss remembering or has the Stegodeus damaged reduced?

My level 20 does 769 but I thought it used to be just over 800.



You remember wrong and you scared me I had to rush check :scream:


Mine’s at level 24 and does 935 damage so maybe :thinking:


Just checked, is the same xd


Cheers all, must just be my memory playing up!


oh it’s good.


Perhaps you hited some dino whit dmg reduction


The original set, all dinosaurs had higher damage but lower health.


mine is level 25. was 981 damage, still is.


I mean seeing as stegodeus is overpowered I don’t want to hear any complaints. This creature needs to be deleted or balanced.


I need 20dna to finally create stego god :sunglasses:my 2nd legemdary…3rd one will be tragodistis or megalosuchus/rajakylossuaros