Stegodeus Health and Damage Nerf


I’m really disappointed Ludia keeps changing meta of some dinosaurs that don’t need it. Why did they reduce health and damage of Stegodeus?


lvl 26… lost 10 damage and probably less than 100 HP (don’t remember). not really a big deal.


True, still extremly powerful dino!


lost 150 HP


Level 22 was 4321/847 and now it’s 4196/840. I agree that the damage hasn’t changed much but the health is minus 125 in my case. Why didn’t they mention that?


after what they did to raptors in the last update, i was expecting it to not even be usable. glad it still it.

not even max level, level 26 is 5100 HP plus 50% shield and 30% armor. needed a little nerf at least.


It seems they nerfed a lot more dinosaurs than they told us earlier. I just discovered that Megalosuchus has lost some of his health and Stegoceratops too.


I guess it’s so people end up having to change out dinos and waste time getting DNA for ones they normally wouldn’t use. It’s just disappointing to work your butt off to have what you worked so hard on get taken away “or nurfed”. There are dinos I would love to have that other people have but I can’t hate on them because I know they did what they had to do to earn them as well. They should just up the dinos that need upping to counter the ones they feel needs counter.


this is hardly something to cry about though. a lot of us had an entire team of level 20+ raptors that was wiped out last update. several hundred thousand, if not millions of coins down the drain. hard cash, darts, time, etc. 10 damage and 100 health is not much.


Still rinsing whole teams with it. NBD.


Yeah, and at least this time no change actually ruins any dino. They are mostly slight nerfs or just changes in their move sets, they might change the way you play each dino but as far as I can tell none were ruined.


Dilorano was kind of ruined. Kind of.


That’s how I see it too. I will have to make further changes to my selection, but that will be my last time. I’m just losing motivation. I think I will stop investing in those dinosaurs I have now.


Yeah I know about the Vraps that’s why I no longer have them in my deck selection.