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Stegodeus is a counter to pay2win


I get that an overleveled stegodeus is meh to face in arena battles, when I dont get mine and opponent gets his, I cry a little…

However, an easy to make legendary as strong as this is a free to play counter to roflstomp teams from people that spend a lot of money.
Without it, complaints would shift towards “I played for 6 hours and didnt find x and opponents have level 9001 legendaries, cant compete, sick of battling”.

Now, while hunting epics, you always have an incentive to hunt the commons on your way, which makes hunting fun, and youre able to compete with something that’s based on doing the work in stead of luck or money.


If you need a Stegogod to win any battle you might need to rethink your strategy or team. It is not a counter for p2win. It is an overleveled tank/tank destroyer/raptor counter. Eventually Ludia will get off their asses and put it back to being just an overleveled tank that balances your team instead of shifting the balance of the fight you are in.


Nowhere did I state I need it to win…
Battles just become harder when missing yours against it because of its power.


Well, a stegodeus is just a steak for my allosaurus lvl 22 :yum:


It’s why lv17 player with lv25 stegodeus but lousy other 7 is swimming around 4K pts missing out the two new upper arenas


I find overleveled Stegodeus to be easier to dispatch than a Monomimus, actually. Love them both, though.


Stegod does strike a good balance between free and paying players. He’s just a ton of apats, nodos, and stegs. All easily obtainable with a little initiative… and gas money.




Just get a bike @rimshaker :joy:


Same thing was said by some when vraptor was meta. :thinking:
You know what vraptor got in v1.3 update.


Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful :joy::joy::joy:


Stegodeus is like hog in clash royale.


Am I missing something? I am really new to this game and not really a gamer, so I think I am. I just got a stegodeus and it doesn’t really do anything. Is there a level it should be at or something to be really great or a skill I have underutilized or something?


Its “easy” to overlevel it. And overlevelled, its a beast. It counters its counters, as well as what it would normally counter.

Example, +4 will 2 shot a trex and an irex.


CANNOT agree with you more.
HATE it!




i love mine, hate everyone else’s.


This :slight_smile: 101010


Love my Monomimus when her evasive stance works, hate everyone else’s when their evasive stance works :laughing:


am i missing something? the people that spend money aren’t allowed to have or level up stegodeus to counter what would be a massively inferior F2P stegodeus?