Stegodeus Leveled up to 27 - Statistics


In case you are interested, I leveled up my Stegodeus from level 26 to level 27. Since all the components were at 0 DNA I was able to track exactly what it took.

Apatosaurus DNA = 23,600
Nodosaurus DNA = 5,900
Stegosaurus DNA = 27,500

Coins for fusing = 22,800
Coins for the level up = 120,000

Experience Points for fusing = 96,300
Experience Points for leveling = 37,500

Average DNA per fuse was about 23. Yes I know that Stegodeus will likely be nerfed for 1.4. But it will still be the best on my team.


Thanks for the stats! I love this stuff. :+1:


Could you add the health and attack please


Flippin jeeze- thank you for this it’s really cool… but :flushed::flushed::flushed: bet that put a dent in your purse!!?


I’m about to bring mine up to level 26 within the next day or two, so this is definitely good info. I’m too low on Apato DNA currently and didn’t realize it until reading this.


Thanks for this post! Very interesting. Its amazing how much cheaper (coins-wise) it is for fusing compared to leveling up, while you get far more experience with fusing than leveling up.


@Kwaack I just level up my sucotator from lev 17 to lev 18. It could be great to have all our tests in just one big thread, so if you don’t mind, could you change the titile of the thread so we can put every statistic we can make? Or I will simply open another thread, but it will be kind of dispersive.

To level up from lev 17 to lev 18 = 20.000 coins
Sucomino DNA = 4.550 (91 fuses)
Irritator gen 2 DNA = 4.550 (91 fuses)

Coins for fusing = 1.820 coins (20 coins x 91 fuses)
Coins for the level up = 30.000

I forgot to take note of the fusing xp rate :sweat_smile: but all that kind of stats are well explained on metahub.