Stegodeus Or Gigaspikasaur


Both are excellent tanks, and good stamina, but my question is, what dino is good to evolve or buff?

Gigaspikasaur or stegodeus?

I’m not sure, it’s a tough choice. Here’s some stats from metahub for them both.

I’d probably choose Stegodeus because of the higher damage and health, although Gigaspikasaurus has 10% more armor.

Their moves are identical except for their slowing attack. Thagomizer slightly edges out Decelerating Impact for me though as it lasts an extra turn.




Thanks for the cool insight on both Dino’s man, I personally would also choose stegodeus but only by a small margin…both are great picks and there’s really no wrong answer between these two imo


Great!.. both Dinos have semi-identical stats…but Stegodeus is more “easy” to create or buff…
Thanks for the pics!


I think the same… Gigas…you will patience to evolve :slight_smile:


Which one to go? Looks like stego has more dmg and raw power to counter Indo



Ugh, both look so good! Kinda glad I’m nowhere near close to either, lol! (Watch me add them both to my team in the future.)


I’m going for stegodeus let’s see…