Stegodeus or Tragodistis


With the Epics we are getting this week, I have a chance to get my first legendary. I have lvl 14 Nodopat and Amargocep. Which one should I go for? Should I try for both?


They give you 12 attempts for rare,please use all of them on Nodosaurus.
And use these DNA to create Nodopato.

Those epic attempts are for Sinocera and Ankylo.


My advice would be to go for neither ! :sweat_smile:

Armargocep is fairly easy to create. Amargo are easier to find than they used to be and euplo is everywhere (plus the fact it was the featured common).

Nodopato is fairly easy too with apato being almost everywhere also and nodo is one of the featured dino too.
Plus the fact that nodopato is really hard to dart because it’s really long and it has points on its tail and head ! You will have a hard time to get a decent score.

My advice is to go for sino or anky based on your needs and rarity around you :wink: