Stegodeus or Tragodistis?

Post 1.5 release, which one of these is still a worth to have in the deck of final 8?
I do have level 21s of each, but I would like to consider only one and replace other with some immune/bleeder dino.

Trago, this evening, save me twice. From 1-2 to 3-2.

Now trago can beat stegod.

I’d still go for StegoD, even though they have become quite similar. But also depends on your opponents and arena lvl.

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now at least 3 violent creatures their speed is >=108, and can break through shield…slower than 108 is dangerous, no stunning is dangerous, no distracting is dangerous, no bleeding is dangerous

I agree with keeping Tragodistis. Mine’s at level 17, and its attack is noticeably stronger by ~100.

As far as Stegodeus goes…I’m benching mine for now. I battled 6-8 times this evening, and Stegodeus just feels so underwhelming now without AP Rampage. Without that move, Stegodeus seems like every other “mid-tier” tank…and it’s kinda painful for me to use it now, seeing how much its moveset has changed. Not to mention the fact like I feel like I can’t utilize it properly now.

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Stegod may be weaker against

  1. Bleeders (the SS move now only cleanses damage distractions); and
  2. Other tankers (the APR move has been changed to Rampage).

However, Tragod and Stagod (especially those at the higher levels) does excellent job against other raptors and raptors like. The SS move still slows others. Dilo the Unique with the change is a 2 shot for Tragod. SS. Rampage. Done.

Just for share, I still have both in my team…


It is true that Stegodeus is now much weaker than before, the big loser along with monomimus of the version but he is still a great beast. At level 25 (my current level although I have DNA to pass it to 26) has a health of 5143 plus 30% armoring which means that although it is slower than its rivals are hardly going to kill him in less than 3 turns. In addition, except with the immune ones, its power to decelerate makes the problem of slowness not so great. Tragodistis at the same level has a little less damage and much less health (3619) than a little more armor (40). It is true that he has long invincibility and counterattack but that does not work either with the shield breakers or the bleeding ones. That is, he has almost the same weakness as Stegodeus but less health. Both seem great dinos and I will keep both in my team, at least until I get other dinos at the same level (I have more than 16 creatures in levels 19/21), but if I had to choose one I would still be left with Stegodeus.

What about gigaspikassaur?

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Since I chose Stegodeus, Gigaspikasour and Nodopatotitan “they do not exist” for me. There is no longer an option to create them. So far I never faced either of the two but maybe now the thing changes and for new players to choose one of them instead of Stegodeus is an option.

By the way, I just did my first battles with Stegodeus of 25 (I still did not evolve it to 26) and they have been very disappointing. A simple Suchotator of 20 has been able to handle it. It is evident that from now on it is the kingdom of the bleeding and I will have to consider creating the Suchotator. Well, actually evolve it because I have it at level 10. I have calculated that I could take it to level 21 and maybe I would pass in front of many epic and legendary of the same level, which does not seem very fair but the rules are the rules !! If I do, I’ll have to make 519 suchotator mergers !!!

Tragodistis now can beat Stegodeus 1 on 1. It’s still on my team and will stay.

Both are still great for countering Utahsino.

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I though Stegod would be way worse, but it’s still very good… Actually it’s even better against certain dinos, cause it got a buff on HP

Monomimus gets the biggest loser trophy by far

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