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Stegodeus- the new raptor?


Does anyone else feel like the Stegodeus is kinda broken? I don’t have one yet and it’s the main dino that crushes me. It’s one thing to have high defense and hp, but high defense plus defense shattering impact, decelerating impact and superiority strike? It always goes first, has shields, takes forever to kill and can take out raptors and their ilk in a single hit. Frustrating.


Nearly everything you just said is wrong. It has Armor piercing rampage. In my games it almost never goes first and generally dies in 2-3 hits depending on what creatures me and my opponent have to counter it. If stegodeus is that much trouble for you then get a tankbuster. Tryostronix and postinetridon both tend to mess it up real good. Stegoceratops and other creatures that can slow and stun work pretty well. Tragodistis has 2 turns of invincibility and of course a higher level stegodeus will basically always win that fight too. Raptors are literally the worst dinosaurs you could possibly use against them.


Stegodeus is considered one of the best dinos in the game. It’s not meant to be killed easily, but with the right dinos on your team, stegodeus can be defeated. It has a 2x armor piercing move, had the stegodeus acquired defense shattering, the dino would be too op. There is a balance to all the dinos.

If any dino right now that could be compared to the raptor, it would be the diloranosaurus :grimacing:


What u do with slow when enemy got clear on autoattack? : D lol.


If they are clearing the slow then they aren’t hitting you with Armor piercing rampage or putting up their shield. Plus if they were slowed you probably just hit them twice in a row shouldn’t be much more to finish them off even if it takes your next dino.


You don’t have one and you probably don’t have a proper counter and moreover you are complaining about something you don’t understand. To me it sounds like “please ludia nerf all the Dino that are killing me they are too strong and buff the ones I have”

I can’t wait to see you facing indominus then indoraptor.

And BTW it doesn’t have shattering impact at all and once again with proper counter it’s a win. It’s a really good Dino but it’s nowhere near broken


I do have an indominus, no need to be rude guy, jeez.


I’m not your buddy, guy.



I’m so glad someone got that and I didn’t look like an idiot :joy:


Only faced one so far and I took it down quite easily.


lol… said no one, ever


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Any dino that you face for the first few times can seem way op depending on your team and how fast you can figure out how to counter it. But they are all beatable.

First time I faced a way powered up erliko gen 2. Decimated my team. Now they die quickly. First several times I faced indoraptor… decimated my team. Recently have faced three indoraptor. Lost one match of those three encounters.

You just need to find what you have available for your team that can counter the Stegodeus. It’ll happen. As I said, they are all beatable.


Said that guy up there :joy:


Yeah, I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining, just it and the monoceratops are the two that really bug me and I was wondering what others’ opinions were and looking for tips. The raptor comparison was just because I know people were complaining a lot about it before the update, and Ludia DID nerf it pretty hard, so it’s not out of the question that a new dino has risen to OP status. The indominus def isn’t- even before I unlocked mine I had figured out strategies to deal with it.


A lot of people giving good opinions and tips, so thanks everyone!


Said me and honestly I think it was sheer luck.


if it’s a south park reference, i’ll get all of them for sure


Stegodeus AND Stegoceratops are OP for a period of time and after that period of time they are just very consistent and good. They are both relatively easy to get for a and are both APEX in terms of rating. Until you get some of the counters to them (which they can still trade relatively well into) they will appear to be unbeatable. The same thing will happen to you later on when you start versing uniques.