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Stegodeus vs Gigaspikasaur

Thinking about bringing one of these onto the team, currently giga is 3 levels below stego, but I have lots of dna. I see many bringing stego on their team, but wouldn’t giga be even better with the counter? Would love to know why people prefer stego over giga.


Stegod has more health, better damage output, and a better basic move with SS. Gigaspike has more armor, an impact move that only has a cooldown of 1 as opposed to stegod’s thagomizer having 2, and slightly more speed.

Generally more people run stegod because it’s easier to level, and a lot of people still have their big ones left over from back when it was one of the best dinos in the game.


Stegod looks cooler than gigaspike. No doubt about it


Giga is better ona one on one, your armor and shield make up for the lack of damage which helps you punish the stegodeus if it doesnt think carefully, also great rat counter, the stupid rat will try to use rampage and then heal itself but you will be able to trap it if you can predict it trying to run away I used Giga till Lockwood mansion when I got a Tryko


So if I have a Tryko is there no reason for giga?


I never fear fighting a giga… its low damage output makes it chomper bait… stegod having a rampage makes a pretty big difference.


Just fought this monster.


Holy moly, that’s terrifying


Stegod is cooler and giga has a better name. It’s personal preference

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Puru and Tarkus made quick work of it to thankfully.

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Giga is below stego attack by 200. Giga has rampage too. Giga does a .5 counter attack too, which is why I thought it might be the better option.

Giga is a bit faster, but Giga’s Health is lower, by kind of a lot, but it does have 10% more armor.

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I use Gigaspikasaur.
I traded my Stegodeus for my Tragodistis though. And having both Legendary creatures that use the same DNA is a tough call, but so far, it is worth is.
Maybe use both Giga and Stegod?

I prefer Giga I have mine level 25 soon 26 and boosted managed to beat a Stego level 26 also boosted ( higher health, damage and speed too).

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I love to drop this 6-6-5 bad boy in when speedsters come out! :stuck_out_tongue: