Stegodeus vs stegoceratops (higher kevel) - proper rotation?


Hi there,

I find my stegodeus does great against stegoceratops of equal level. When we talk +2 or 3 though, it gets a little hairy. I want to be sure I am doing the optimal rotation vs these RNG monsters. I’m thinking:

Turn 1 shield (the thought is to maximize the shielf time I’ll be taking impact dmg, and if I start with sup. strike I seem more likely to eat a stunning impact without shield).

Turn two thagomizer. Get stunned, doesnt go off.

Turn 3 thagomizer. Hope to not get stunned.

Turn 4 sup. Strike.

Turn 5 shield.

Turn 6 rampage.

I notice I win if they dont get a crit or a stun outside greater stunning strike. But I might be doing it wrong.



I do shield-rampage-superior-rampage (waiting out the stun(s) somewhere in between). Sometimes shield-thagomizer-rampage (if it’s enough to kill, which for higher stegoceras it won’t be), also depends when I get stunned.


Superior, shield, superior (if it gets it low enough to rampage next hit) thag otherwise and then rampage…of course your day cab be ruined if they land basic attack stuns but meh