I’m sorry but this dino shouldn’t have superiority strike. In general this dino is pretty op as it stands and then they just added superiority strike to make it worse.


Stop using raptor-like dinos against it.


Any giant carnivorous dinos that break through shields and armor can kill it. Indominus is a giant counter to it.


My stego gets beat all the time, you have to know how to play against it and what dinos. Learn to strategize.


Lol not only are the people responding to this pay to play but they probably use it. Well for us who work for our dinos, no it’s not a fair creature to go against


Im not pay to play and my stegod is 23 (halfway to 24) and i have 20k apato, 30k stego and 5.5k nodo dna just standing by till i get coins…sooooo


nerd instantcripple


I play when headin to classes. Im a 27 year old veteran taking 18 hr semester rn so I can graduate. Soooo much time.

Dont be salty :joy: im only rank 150


:joy: my stegod kills peoples souls sorry


I only got 13k stego and apato!


Theres so many on my way to campus and all around the ohio state campus :joy: I dont even touch common dinos other than euplo and parasor when riding shotgun when we take the dog to the park since those are rare for me


I prefer to snatch epics as a passenger or event dinos.


I just do epics and good rares like dilo, nodo, tricera etc.


Granted I have 4k dilo dna rn but only 50 ourano since I havnt seen a single ourano since update


this guy and his assets lol