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Stegos and Triceras

Can we get main uniques for these creatures. They have been around since the beginning! I know tryko and dioraja have some in them but its not their main ingrediant. Both the Whoolys and Snake got one and have not been around that long. Anybody else feel the same way? Dang we even got a deer/turtle hybrid unique lol. Give us a Stego and/or Tricera Main Unique. Even if you combine Carnotarkus and Monostegotops I’d be happy!

Yes,i totally agree
There is none of the
-Stego family
-Anky family
-Triceras family
-Spinosaures or bary family
-Raptor family
-Counter attacker pterosaurs
-Gallimimus family
Those are the family which don’t have a unique with their animation :slight_smile:


Dracoceratosaurus has the Pachy rig

oh yeah,i never notice it (I have it but it is too weak to be play)

To finish the job about the others family:
Those missing a unique animation are
-Mammoth/elephant is some more are comings
-inostrancevia family
-Moschops family
-terror birds
-koolasuchus family