Stegosauridae Scent

Are this kind of scents affected by time (dawn, day, dusk, night) or place/local zone, or both?

No. Such special group scent will only spawn the dinos in the assigned group.
Not depend on any time or place.

So this scent will literally only spawn all 5 stegosauridae dinos
(Stego, Miragaia, Tuojiang, Wuerho and Kentro)

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Any ideas of how much chance of seeing Kentro?

According to metahub, 6.62% for epic dino per spawn.

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Also should I be in zone of Dino?

Double check the description before you buy. I think it said something like ‘remember different stegodaurides spawn in different areas.’ So that would be a warning that the spawns it creates are zone specific. (I didn’t buy it)

You are correct, I just read it. Was gonna buy like 5x of them but not anymore.

You are a saviour. Thanks

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Yeah, here’s that warning about diffeeent areas of the map. Doesn’t say anything about time of day, but if it were me, I’d use it at the right time for what I want.

Was posting this as you were replying. No problem! Glad to help.

So the odds of getting common Steg or Mira are greatest, then? Hmm… Looks like I need to save up some game cash.

Kentro is an epic and shows up in Zone 1 during Day/dawn/dusk times. Commons you see in the area dimetrodon, deinocherius and Majung.
Tuojiang is a rare and shows up in zone 3 Commons in the area are Allosaurus Triceratops gen 2 and Diplo.
Wuerho is a rare and shows up in zone 4. Commons in the area are Mono gen 2, Para, and such.

I have a feeling Zone 2 people might get everything but have a lower percentage. Commons in this area are Draco gen 2 Euchlop and Einosaurus

Looking at other peoples results. Chances are Zone 3 you get Tujiangosaurus. Zone 2 you get Wuerhosaurus. All other zones 1,4, Park, you have equal chances of Tujiang or Wuerho. Although, I still think there might be a slight chance to get Kentrosaurus in zone 1.

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Ok but in L4, where I am, can spawn only weheru of the stego family. So 20 mins of wheheru (or whatever is his f* name)? :joy:

Has anyone tried this scent yet that can report their results?

Would be a great thing, before I waste the scent

Definitely dont do it. Just finished my second. Both of them together I got one Touji and the other I got one Wuerho. The rest was miragaia and stego. Not even kidding. Pethetic. The biggest waste of money


Ok so, now I will have a useless scent forever? Good. I’m happy. :joy: Tomorrow I’ll try this crap and will post here the results.

Does it include Epic rarity hybrids or just the base stegosaurians?

If wuerho gets a hybrid, it’ll be good to have some.

I activated one while walking at L1 area. I got 3 tuori, 1 wuero, 8 Mira, 6 stegosaurus.
I was considering using one at a park since I’m in need for stegosaurus, but I’m afraid that I’ll get majority of Mira no matter the environment and it would be a waste of cash.

I am so confused why after reading the description, anyone would buy this. I mean seriously, how Stegoceratops hungry are you, do you really have 200 game cash to drop for a chance at one of the rare/epic stego’s.

Seems like giardinoniot got lucky but still not worth it.