So for the last 3 years now we haven’t had any new Stegosauridae dinos being released. I’m wondering why? After Stegodeus it’s like ludia literally stopped with them. No unique hybrids or nothing! Unless they got an apex in works! What do you guys think?


At least new Stegosaurs have been added at some point. We haven’t gotten a single land croc since launch, and the current ones are garbage. I do agree we need new stegosaurs though, preferably a unique.


I really want to think they got some sort of Apex in the works though! Idk maybe bringing in a tank back into the mix would probably give a game a bit of a turn around.

Stegodeus and Carnotarkus are the only best stegosaurs so yes

Any good unique Stegosaur would be nice

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all my hopes are in a Dsungaia unique but we’ll see

I had a Kentrogaia concept Kentrosaurus + Dsungaia

I made this a while ago around 2.11 and because of powercreep it’s now underpowered so I gave it changes
Add a Swap In Slow, change attack to 1150, change crit to 15%, and add 15% Armor, and change Group Ferocity to Group Cleansing Fatal Strike and it’s perfect